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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-245-52784-5Peter UnderwoodDictionary of the Supernatural
1976978-0-245-52785-2Robert S. WistrichRevolutionary Jews from Marx to Trotsky
  ''978-0-245-52796-8Hugh MarriottOwning a Boat
1975978-0-245-52798-2L. M. MontgomeryRainbow Valley
  ''978-0-245-52799-9L. M. MontgomeryRilla of Ingleside
1976978-0-245-52807-1John Dayton · A. DaytonMinerals, Metals, Glazing and Man
1980978-0-245-53030-2G.A. BallardBlack Battlefleet
1950978-0-245-53109-5Jean RacinePhaedra (French Classics)
1978978-0-245-53159-0Joseph Freiherr Von EichendorffAus dem Leben eines Taugenichts
1977978-0-245-53179-8L. M. MontgomeryEmily of New Moon
1978978-0-245-53206-1Pierre LotiIceland Fisherman
1979978-0-245-53247-4Edward AlbertA History of English Literature
1978978-0-245-53282-5L.H. Laic · David Arthur Jones · D.A. JonesDesigning in Wood
1979978-0-245-53388-4Nigel BaguleyUFO Story (The reporters series)
  ''978-0-245-53394-5Michael HardcastleTop Soccer (The reporters series)
  ''978-0-245-53411-9L. M. MontgomeryEmily Climbs
1980978-0-245-53444-7Wendy TrewinAll on Stage. Charles Wyndham and the Alberys
1981978-0-245-53717-2Michael WinterHarrap's pocket English grammar
1981978-0-245-53763-9Norman SkelhornPublic Prosecutor: The Memoirs of Sir Norman Skelhorn, K.B.E, Q.C, Director of Public Prosecutions, 1964-77
  ''978-0-245-53773-8J. E MansionGrand Harrap: Dictionnaire français-anglais et anglais-français
  ''978-0-245-53776-9N. W CreightonMille et un points (Harrap's French grammar revision)
1982978-0-245-53877-3Donald RumbelowThe Triple Tree: Newgate, Tyburn and the Old Bailey
1983978-0-245-53959-6Peter UnderwoodNo Common Task: Autobiography of a Ghost Hunter
1991978-0-245-54022-6ANONFlorida Insight Guide
1996978-0-245-54186-5Rolf SteinbergContinental Europe
1984978-0-245-54202-2Michael MoorcockOpium General
1985978-0-245-54204-6John CloakeTempler: Tiger of Malaya. The Life of Field Marshal Sir Gerald Templer
1984978-0-245-54232-9Peter UnderwoodThis Haunted Isle: The Ghosts and Legends of Britain's Historic Buildings
  ''978-0-245-54234-3Omar KhayyamRubaiyat
1985978-0-245-54235-0Colin WilsonEssential Colin Wilson
  ''978-0-245-54244-2Matthias SchmidtAlbert Speer: The End of a Myth
1985978-0-245-54245-9Colin WilsonAfterlife
1986978-0-245-54247-3Peter TownsendDuel in the Dark
1987978-0-245-54250-3David AscoliA Day of Battle: Mars-la-Tour, 16 August 1870
1985978-0-245-54252-7Alan KendallDavid Garrick: A Biography
  ''978-0-245-54255-8Guy Lyon PlayfairHaunted Pub Guide
  ''978-0-245-54261-9David King DunawayHow Can I Keep from Singing?: Pete Seeger
1986978-0-245-54262-6Michael FreedlandGoldwyn Touch: A Biography of Sam Goldwyn
1985978-0-245-54268-8Alexander WalkerNational Heroes- British Cinema in the Seventies & Eighties: British Cinema in the 70's and 80's
1987978-0-245-54332-6Alan KendallGeorge Gershwin
1986978-0-245-54334-0Stewart LamontReligion Inc.: Church of Scientology
1987978-0-245-54336-4Colin Wilson · Damon WilsonThe Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries
1985978-0-245-54356-2Robert Louis StevensonTreasure Island
1987978-0-245-54368-5Don McCullinPerspectives
1986978-0-245-54377-7Elliot PaulNarrow Street
  ''978-0-245-54379-1Michael MoorcockLetters from Hollywood
1987978-0-245-54481-1Jonathan GoodmanSlaying of Joseph Bowne Elwell
1988978-0-245-54505-4Nicholas von HoffmanCitizen Cohn: Life and Times of Roy Cohn
  ''978-0-245-54507-8Michael JanesHarrap's Mini French-English Dictionary
1988978-0-245-54560-3Robert TanitchGielgud
1987978-0-245-54572-6David A. ThomasCompanion to the Royal Navy
1988978-0-245-54573-3Harrap's Mini German Dictionary
  ''978-0-245-54603-7Christopher Grayling · Christopher LangdonJust Another Star: Anglo-American Relations Since 1945
1987978-0-245-54616-7John StalkerStalker
1988978-0-245-54629-7LexusHarrap's German Verbs (Mini study aids)
  ''978-0-245-54630-3LexusHarrap's German Vocabulary (German mini series)
  ''978-0-245-54668-6Juan WilliamsEyes on the Prize (A Robert Lavelle book)
  ''978-0-245-54681-5Brian LaneMurder Club Guides: Midlands
1988978-0-245-54688-4LexusHarrap's Spanish Verbs (Mini study aids)
  ''978-0-245-54689-1   ''Harrap's Spanish Vocabulary (Harrap's Spanish Study Aids S.)
  ''978-0-245-54690-7   ''Harrap's Spanish Grammar: The Functions and Forms of Spanish (Harrap's Spanish Study Aids S.)
1990978-0-245-54692-1Diana (ed.) DaviesHarrap's Illustrated Dictionary of Art and Artists
1988978-0-245-54721-8Jane WalmsleyBrit-Think/Ameri-Think: A Transatlantic Survival Course
1989978-0-245-54753-9LexusHarrap's Greek Phrase Book (Phrase books)
1993978-0-245-54775-1HarrapWeis mattutat al/fr.1 ne (Bilall)
1989978-0-245-54781-2Michael Randle · Pat PottleThe Blake Escape: How We Freed George Blake - and Why
1990978-0-245-54808-6UnknownTuscany (Insight guides)
1989978-0-245-54827-7Robert TanitchGuinness
  ''978-0-245-54884-0Christine NichollsPower: A Political History of the Twentieth Century (Harrap's illustrated history of the 20th century)
1992978-0-245-54965-6M FATHERSBiography of Benazir Bhutto
1991978-0-245-55046-1P. H. Collin · etc.Harrap's Shorter French-English, English-French Dictionary
1954978-0-245-55129-1L. M. MontgomeryAnne of Windy Willows
1955978-0-245-55130-7   ''Anne's House of Dreams
1960978-0-245-55131-4   ''Anne of Ingleside
  ''978-0-245-55206-9Jean AnouilhBal des Voleurs
1949978-0-245-55559-6Pierre CorneilleLe Cid (French Classics Series)
1952978-0-245-55561-9L. M. MontgomeryChronicles of Avonlea
1956978-0-245-55882-5John MiltonParadise Lost: Bk. 1 & 2 (English Classics)
1963978-0-245-56125-2Bernard E. JonesFreemasons' Guide and Compendium
978-0-245-56670-7John R. WatsonLangue des Francais: Bk. 2
1963978-0-245-56724-7Michael EndeJim Button and Luke the Engine Driver
1963978-0-245-56847-3Christabel CarlisleMini Racing
1964978-0-245-57118-3Maurice Wollman · David GrugeonHappenings: Bk. 1: New Poems for Junior School
1925978-0-245-57197-8Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna
1958978-0-245-57266-1Madame de la FayettePrincesse de Cleves (French Classics)
1955978-0-245-57392-7John W. SkinnerRational French Course: v. 2
1967978-0-245-59040-5Alois PodhajskyComplete Training of Horse and Rider
1968978-0-245-59320-8Nancy BradfieldCostume in Detail: Women's Dress, 1730-1930
1969978-0-245-59463-2Georg KaiserKoralle: Pts. 1 & 2
1968978-0-245-59593-6Alec RoseMy "Lively Lady"
1969978-0-245-59622-3William L. LangerEncyclopaedia of World History
  ''978-0-245-59638-4Bill KingCapsize
  ''978-0-245-59683-4Trevor L. ChristieEtched in Arsenic
  ''978-0-245-59812-8Patricia Forbes · D.M. LedesertNew Pocket French-English, English-French Dictionary
1970978-0-245-59851-7Paul ElvstromPaul Elvstrom Speaks: To His Sailing Friends on His Life and Racing Career
  ''978-0-245-59936-1Nancy BradfieldHistorical Costumes of England, 1066-1968
1970978-0-245-59950-7Nigel TetleyTrimaran Solo
  ''978-0-245-59952-1Christiaan Barnard · Curtis Bill PepperChristiaan Barnard: One Life
  ''978-0-245-59970-5Rupert ButlerEmmeline Pankhurst (As They Saw Them)
1990978-0-245-60017-3Ormerod GreenwoodQuaker Tapestry
1992978-0-245-60039-5Spanish Idioms Pb (Mini study aids)
1990978-0-245-60040-1Louis J. Rodrigues · Josefina Bernet RodriquesHarrap's Spanish Synonyms: Bilingual Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms (Mini study aids)
  ''978-0-245-60045-6Jane WilsonLemurs of the Lost World: Exploring the Forests and Crocodile Caves of Madagascar
  ''978-0-245-60053-1Andrew WilkinHarrap's Italian Verbs (Mini study aids)
1990978-0-245-60062-3Nodda RottridgeAnimals (Fun Facts)
1991978-0-245-60325-9John O. E. Clark · William HemsleyHarrap's Chemistry Mini Dictionary (Harrap's mini dictionaries)
1992978-0-245-60361-7Rosanna Rion · Brian MottTintin Illustrated Dictionary: English-Spanish, Spanish-English
1993978-0-245-60478-2Michael JanesHarrap's Learners Mini Dictionary (Harrap's mini dictionaries)
1994978-0-245-60536-9O.P. Benyuch · G.V. ChernovHarrap's Russian Pocket Dictionary
  ''978-0-245-60537-6Andrew. WilkinHarrap's Italian Verbs (Mini study aids)
  ''978-0-245-60544-4Lutz LiebeltHarrap's German Starter Pack
  ''978-0-245-60557-4LexusFrench Grammar: Open University Set Text - Ideal Reference from GCSE to University (Mini study aids)
1998978-0-245-60637-3Harrap Spanish Super-Mini Dictionary
2001978-0-245-60661-8Harrap's PublishingHarrap French Unabridged Dictionary Volume 1: English-French v. 1 (Harrap Bilingual)
1999978-0-245-60666-3HarrapHarrap French Sales and Marketing Dictionary: English-French, French-English (Harrap Bilingual)
2000978-0-245-60671-7Harrap's PublishingHarrap French Finance Dictionary (Harrap Bilingual)
2002978-0-245-60681-6HarrapHarrap Rude French: An Alternative French Phrasebook (Dictionary)
2001978-0-245-60699-1Harrap's PublishingHarrap Portugese Paperback Dictionary: A First for Harrap!
  ''978-0-245-60702-8HarrapHarrap French Unabridged Dictionary Volume 2: French/English v. 2 (Harrap Bilingual)
978-0-245-60703-5Harrap French Unabridged Dictionary: v. 1 & 2 (Harrap Bilingual)
2002978-0-245-60705-9HarrapHarrap French Verbs (Harrap's French Study Aids)
2002978-0-245-60706-6HarrapHarraps French Grammar (Harrap's French Study Aids)
2002978-0-245-60707-3HarrapHarraps French Vocabulary (Harrap's French Study Aids)
  ''978-0-245-60708-0   ''Harrap Italian Verbs (Harrap's Italian Study Aids)
  ''978-0-245-60709-7   ''Harrap Italian Grammar (Harrap's Italian Study Aids)
  ''978-0-245-60710-3   ''Harrap Italian Vocabulary (Harrap's Italian Study Aids)
2001978-0-245-60711-0   ''Harraps French Compact Dictionary
2004978-0-245-60713-4Chambers (ed.)Harrap's French Unabridged PRO Dictionary on CD-ROM
2003978-0-245-60714-1Harrap's PublishingHarrap's French Business Dictionary: English-French - Francais-Anglais
  ''978-0-245-60716-5HarrapFrench Mini Dictionary (New Edition: English-French - Francais-Anglais
2003978-0-245-60718-9HarrapGerman Verbs (New Edition) (PB) (Harrap's German Study Aid)
2003978-0-245-60720-2HarrapPardon My French (New Edition) (PB) (Harrap)
2002978-0-245-60721-9   ''Pardon My Spanish! (Harrap)
2003978-0-245-60725-7No Author ListedSpanish Verbs (New Edition) (PB) (Harrap's Spanish Study Aids)
  ''978-0-245-60726-4Spanish Vocabulary (New Edition) (Harrap's Spanish Study Aids S.)
2004978-0-245-60727-1HarrapFrench Shorter Dictionary (Harrap French-English/English-French Shorter Dictionary)
  ''978-0-245-60737-0Portuguese Verbs (Harrap's Study Aids)
  ''978-0-245-60738-7unknownPortuguese Vocabulary (Harrap's Study Aids S.)
  ''978-0-245-60743-1HarrapHarrap's Dalloz French Eng Law Dict (Harrap Dalloz)
2004978-0-245-60754-7HarrapRude Spanish: An Alternative Spanish Phrasebook
2007978-0-245-60764-6No Author ListedPardon My French (Pocket Slang Dictionary)
2006978-0-245-60766-0   ''Pardon My German! (Pocket Slang Dictionary)
  ''978-0-245-60767-7Chambers Harrap's Primary French Dictionary
2007978-0-245-60772-1HarrapFrench Shorter: English-French/French-English (Dictionary)
2006978-0-245-60774-5Chambers Harrap's Primary Spanish Dictionary
2007978-0-245-60784-4No Author ListedRude French: An Alternative French Phrasebook (Dictionary)
  ''978-0-245-60785-1   ''Harrap's Pardon My Spanish! (Pocket Slang Dictionary)
  ''978-0-245-60787-5David Foster · Bernard SweeneyA Sound Approach to French Grammar
2008978-0-245-60820-9No Author ListedLittle French Dictionary
978-0-245-77011-1James P JansRings and Homology (Athena Series.)