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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-201-74216-9Maximilian SchoenherrExploring Maya 4: 30 Studies in 3D
2003978-0-201-74223-7John M. Lannon · David B. ParsonsThe Writing Process: A Concise Rhetoric Canadian Edition
2001978-0-201-74225-1Evelyn Stiller · Cathie LeBlancProject-Based Software Engineering: An Object-Oriented Approach
2004978-0-201-74378-4Margaret · Finkel, Alvin ConradFoundations: Readings in Pre-Confederation Canadian History, Vol I
  ''978-0-201-74379-1Margaret · FINKEL, Alvin CONRADNATION AND SOCIETY Readings in Post-Confederation Canadian History (Volume II)
2002978-0-201-74387-6Greg RiccardiDatabase Management: With Website Development Applications
  ''978-0-201-74391-3Tony MorganBusiness Rules and Information Systems: Aligning IT with Business Goals
  ''978-0-201-74395-1Anany V. LevitinIntroduction to the Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  ''978-0-201-74396-8Ira PohlC++ By Dissection
2002978-0-201-74397-5Steven John MetskerDesign Patterns Java¿ Workbook
  ''978-0-201-74551-1Edward A. Lee · Pravin VaraiyaStructure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems
2001978-0-201-74561-0James G. LengelThe Web Wizard's Guide to Multimedia
  ''978-0-201-74562-7James G. LengelThe Web Wizard's Guide to Web Design (Addison-Wesley Web Wizard Series)
2002978-0-201-74568-9Shawn WildermuthPragmatic ADO.NET: Data Access for the Internet World
  ''978-0-201-74570-2Soren LauesenSoftware Requirements: Styles & Techniques
2001978-0-201-74571-9Martin Pol · Ruud Teunissen · Erik Van VeenendaalSoftware Testing: A guide to the TMap Approach
2002978-0-201-74572-6Clemens SzyperskiComponent Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Programming (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-74575-7Rob Kitchin · Martin DodgeAtlas of Cyberspace
2002978-0-201-74576-4Laurie Williams · Robert KesslerPair Programming Illuminated
2001978-0-201-74577-1Maria LangerMac OS X Advanced Visual QuickPro Guide
2002978-0-201-74582-5Raymond N. Greenwell · Nathan P. Ritchey · Margaret L. LialCalculus with Applications for the Life Sciences
2001978-0-201-74611-2Ronald I. Brent · Guntram MuellerJust-in-Time Algebra for Students of Calculus in the Management and Life Sciences (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-201-74612-9Brian M. Edwards · Leonard A. Giuliano · Brian R. WrightInterdomain Multicast Routing: Practical Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems Solutions: Practical Juniper Networks and Cisco Systems Solutions
2001978-0-201-74613-6Honeynet ProjectKnow Your Enemy: Revealing the Security Tools, Tactics, and Motives of the Blackhat Community
  ''978-0-201-74627-3Roger Riggs · Antero Taivalsaari · Mark VandenBrinkProgramming Wireless Devices with the Java(TM) 2 Platform (Micro Edition)
2002978-0-201-74631-0Marvin L. Penna Judith A./ BittingerIntroductory Algebra
  ''978-0-201-74632-7Marvin L. BittingerIntermediate Algebra, Ninth Edition
  ''978-0-201-74804-8Stephen J. Mellor · Marc J. BalcerExecutable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture
  ''978-0-201-74806-2Fergus O'ConnellHow to Run Successful Projects III: The Silver Bullet (3rd Edition)
2001978-0-201-74835-2Mark Allen WeissData Structures and Problem Solving Using Java (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-201-74840-6William S. Davis · John BenamatiE-Commerce Basics: Technology Foundations and E-Business Applications
2002978-0-201-74864-2Dori SmithJava 2 for the World Wide Web (Visual QuickStart Guide)
  ''978-0-201-74866-6Robin WilliamsThe Little Mac OS X Book
2001978-0-201-74867-3Robin Williams · John Tollett · Dave RohrRobin Williams Web Design Workshop
2003978-0-201-74868-0Rex BlackCritical Testing Processes: Plan, Prepare, Perform, Perfect
  ''978-0-201-74882-6Margaret L. Lial · Barbara A. Brown · Arnold R. Steffenson · L. Murphy JohnsonEssentials of Geometry for College Students (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-201-74884-0Chris FehilyPython
  ''978-0-201-74951-9Judith A. PennaCollege Algebra (Student's Solutions Manual)
2002978-0-201-74960-1Jack Park · Sam HuntingXML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web
2001978-0-201-74962-5Scott MeyersEffective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library
  ''978-0-201-74965-6Sandee CohenMacromedia FreeHand 10 for Windows & Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide)
2001978-0-201-74969-4Alan B. Oppenheimer · Charles WhitakerInternet Security for Your Macintosh: A Guide for the Rest of Us
2004978-0-201-75039-3Rich TeerSolaris Systems Programming
2001978-0-201-75042-3Tony Roame · Subir ChoudhuryMacromedia FreeHand 10: Training from the Source
  ''978-0-201-75043-0Antony BolanteAfter Effects 5 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickPro Guide
  ''978-0-201-75044-7Kirk KnoernschildJava Design: Objects, UML, and Process
1997978-0-201-75054-6Neil A. Campbell · Jane B. ReeceBiology, w. CD-ROM (International Student Edition)
2003978-0-201-75076-8P.K. Yuen · Vincent LauPractical Web Technologies
  ''978-0-201-75077-5Richard StaronGuerrilla Oracle: The Succinct Windows Perspective
  ''978-0-201-75078-2Niall MansfieldPractical TCP/IP: Designing, Using, and Troubleshooting TCP/IP Networks on Linux(R) and Windows(R)
2001978-0-201-75079-9Christian Forsberg · Andreas SjostromPocket PC Development in the Enterprise: Mobile Solutions with Visual Basic and .NET
2002978-0-201-75080-5Horst Keller · Sascha KrugerABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications
2002978-0-201-75081-2Eric NewcomerUnderstanding Web Services: XML, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI
2001978-0-201-75125-3NAOdyssey Int Compan W/CD& A& B Edit& 10prac Pkg
  ''978-0-201-75157-4Judy BishopJava Gently: Programming Principles Explained, JavaPlace Edition (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-75158-1Ira Pohl · Charlie McDowellJava by Dissection: The Essentials of Java Programming, Updated Edition
  ''978-0-201-75209-0Mario F. TriolaElementary Statistics, Canadian Edition
  ''978-0-201-75277-9Tom ClarkIP SANS: A Guide to iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP Protocols for Storage Area Networks: A Guide to iSCSI, iFCP, and FCIP Protocols for Storage Area Networks
2002978-0-201-75279-3Fred Chris Smith · Rebecca Gurley BaceA Guide to Forensic Testimony: The Art and Practice of Presenting Testimony As An Expert Technical Witness
2002978-0-201-75280-9Patrick ChanThe Java¿ Developers Almanac 1.4, Volume 1: Examples and Quick Reference (4th Edition)
2003978-0-201-75284-7Michael J. HernandezDatabase Design for Mere Mortals: A Hands-On Guide to Relational Database Design (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-201-75294-6John Adolph PalinskiOracle SQL and PL/SQL Handbook: A Guide for Data Administrators, Developers, and Business Analysts
2001978-0-201-75295-3Robert W. SebestaConcepts of Programming Languages (5th Edition)
2003978-0-201-75301-1Greg Bernstein · Bala Rajagopalan · Debanjan SahaOptical Network Control: Architecture, Protocols, and Standards
2001978-0-201-75450-6Stanley G. EakinsFinance: Investments Institutions& Mgmt Updt
2002978-0-201-75454-4Pierre N. Robillard · Philippe Kruchten · Patrick d'AstousSoftware Engineering Processes: With the UPEDU
  ''978-0-201-75469-8Craig Newman · Lynda WeinmanAfter Effects 5.0/5.5 Hands-On Training (Lynda Weinman's Hands-On Training)
2001978-0-201-75470-4Lawrence J. MagidThe little PC Book Windows XP Edition
2003978-0-201-75491-9Lawrence SnyderFluency with Information Technology: Skills, Concepts, and Capabilities
2002978-0-201-75527-5George B. Thomas Jr. · Ross L. Finney Late · Jan D. Weir · GiordanoThomas' Calculus, Updated (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-75529-9Margaret L. Lial · Thomas W. HungerfordMathematics with Applications (8th Edition)
2003978-0-201-75568-8Laurie Frazier · Helen SolorzanoNorthstar: Focus on Listening and Speaking, Basic, Second Edition
  ''978-0-201-75569-5Natasha Haugnes · Beth MaherNorthStar: Reading and Writing, Basic/Low Intermediate
  ''978-0-201-75570-1Jennifer P.L. Schmidt · Helen SolorzanoNorthstar: Focus on Listening and Speaking, Intermediate Second Edition
2003978-0-201-75571-8Carolyn Dupaquier-Sardinas · Laurie BartonNorthstar: Focus on Reading and Writing, Intermediate Second Edition
  ''978-0-201-75572-5Kim Sanabria · Tess FerreNorthstar: Focus on Listening and Speaking, High-Intermediate Second Edition
  ''978-0-201-75573-2Andrew English · Laura Monahan EnglishNorthstar: Focus on Reading and Writing, High-Intermediate Second Edition
  ''978-0-201-75574-9Sherry PreissNorthStar: Listening and Speaking, Advanced, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-201-75575-6Judy Miller · Robert CohenNorthstar: Focus on Reading and Writing, Advanced Second Edition
2002978-0-201-75603-6Bernd OestereichDeveloping Software with UML: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design in Practice (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-201-75605-0Donald E. Eastlake · Kitty NilesSecure XML: The New Syntax for Signatures and Encryption
  ''978-0-201-75606-7David YardleySuccessful IT Project Delivery: Learning the Lessons of Project Failure
2003978-0-201-75607-4Ani PhyoReturn on Design: Smarter Web Design That Works
2001978-0-201-75608-1Robert SedgewickAlgorithms in C, Parts 1-5 (Bundle): Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching, and Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition)
2004978-0-201-75609-8David A. WunschComplex Variables with Applications (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-201-75623-4Adobe Creative TeamAdobe LiveMotion 2.0 Classroom in a Book
  ''978-0-201-75624-1Adobe Creative TeamAdobe Illustrator 10 Classroom in a Book
2001978-0-201-75625-8   ''Adobe PageMaker 7.0 Classroom in a Book
  ''978-0-201-75820-7Lars Mathiassen · Jan Pries-Heje · Ojelanki NgwenyamaImproving Software Organizations: From Principles to Practice
  ''978-0-201-75833-7Steven G. EstrellaThe Web Wizard's Guide to JavaScript (Addison-Wesley Web Wizard Series)
2002978-0-201-75834-4Steven G. EstrellaThe Web Wizard's Guide to DHTML and CSS
2002978-0-201-75839-9Adobe Systems Inc.PDF Reference: Version 1.4 (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-75842-9Maria LangerExcel X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide
  ''978-0-201-75843-6   ''Word X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide
  ''978-0-201-75846-7Russell ChunMacromedia Flash MX Advanced for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide
2001978-0-201-75848-1Michael RubinThe Little Digital Video Book
2003978-0-201-75865-8D. J. HenrySoftware Project Management: A Real-World Guide to Success
2002978-0-201-75866-5Bob BeaucheminEssential ADO.NET
2004978-0-201-75867-2Doug A. Bowman · Ernst Kruijff · Joseph J. LaViola Jr. · Ivan Poupyrev3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice
2001978-0-201-75881-8Henning HansenNitty Gritty Windows programming with C++
2002978-0-201-75882-5Frank EllerNitty Gritty Delphi 6
2001978-0-201-75894-8Anita DennisReal World PDF with Adobe Acrobat 5
1989978-0-201-75899-3Daniel Freeman · Marilyn RosenthalLongman Photo Dictionary: Wall Chart Set 2
2001978-0-201-75984-6Mario F. TriolaElementary Statistics and MathXL Package (8th Edition)
2004978-0-201-76005-7Sue MartinTake a Look: Observation and Portfolio Assessment in Early Childhood
2001978-0-201-76031-6Timothy BuddAn Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-201-76032-3Lillian GoleniewskiTelecommunications Essentials: The Complete Global Source for Communications Fundamentals, Data Networking and the Internet, and Next-Generation Networks
  ''978-0-201-76033-0Sid Adelman · Joyce Bischoff · Jill Dyché · Douglas Hackney · Sean Ivoghli · Chuck Kelley · David Marco · Larissa T. MossImpossible Data Warehouse Situations: Solutions from the Experts
2002978-0-201-76035-4G. Winfield Treese · Lawrence C. StewartDesigning Systems for Internet Commerce (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-201-76039-2Fritz OnionEssential ASP.NET with Examples in Visual Basic .NET
  ''978-0-201-76040-8   ''Essential ASP.NET With Examples in C#
2004978-0-201-76042-2Herb SutterExceptional C++ Style: 40 New Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions
2002978-0-201-76043-9Jim HighsmithAgile Software Development Ecosystems
2003978-0-201-76175-7Julie Lucas · Brian MoellerThe Effective Incident Response Team
2002978-0-201-76176-4Stuart McClure · Saumil Shah · Shreeraj ShahWeb Hacking: Attacks and Defense
  ''978-0-201-76390-4John B. FraleighA First Course in Abstract Algebra, 7th Edition
  ''978-0-201-76434-5Michael R. KayThe Web Wizard's Guide to Flash
  ''978-0-201-76436-9David A. LashThe Web Wizard's Guide to Perl and CGI
2002978-0-201-76472-7Carol NumrichRaise the Issues: Integrated Approach to Critical Thinking: Answer Key
1995978-0-201-76642-4Allyn J. WashingtonBasic Technical Mathematics With Calculus
2002978-0-201-76713-1LongMath Reasoning for Elementary School Teachers and Interactive Package
  ''978-0-201-76732-2Bo LeufPeer to Peer: Collaboration and Sharing over the Internet
  ''978-0-201-76791-9Rudy RuckerSoftware Engineering and Computer Games
  ''978-0-201-76792-6Ian K BrayAn Introduction to Requirements Engineering
  ''978-0-201-76811-4Eric Armstrong · Stephanie Bodoff · Debbie Carson · Maydene Fisher · Dale Green · Kim HaaseThe Java Web Services Tutorial
2002978-0-201-76990-6Cheryl M. HughesThe Web Wizard's Guide to XML (Addison-Wesley Web Wizard Series)
  ''978-0-201-77004-9Hiroshi Maruyama · Kent Tamura · Naohiko Uramoto · Makoto Murata · Andy Clark · Yuichi Nakamura · Ryo Neyama · Kazuya KosakaXML and Java¿: Developing Web Applications (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77005-6Michele Marchesi · Giancarlo Succi · Don Wells · Laurie Williams · James Donovan WellsExtreme Programming Perspectives
  ''978-0-201-77006-3Kevin DickXML: A Manager's Guide (2nd Edition) (Addison-Wesley Information Technology Series)
  ''978-0-201-77010-0Lial · HungerfordStudent Solutions Manual for Mathematics with Applications
2002978-0-201-77013-1David C. LayStudy Guide for Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3rd Edition
2003978-0-201-77015-5David C. LayInstructors Solutions Manual: Linear Algebra and Its Applications. 3rd edition
2002978-0-201-77016-2Lial · Greenwell · RitcheyStudent Solutions Manual for Calculus with Applications for the Life Sciences
  ''978-0-201-77018-6Damien Watkins · Mark Hammond · Brad AbramsProgramming in the .NET Environment
  ''978-0-201-77021-6Jobe MakarMacromedia Flash MX Game Design Demystified
  ''978-0-201-77022-3Derek Franklin · Jobe MakarMacromedia Flash MX ActionScripting: Advanced Training from the Source
2007978-0-201-77024-7Duane ChapmanEnvironmental Economics
2003978-0-201-77025-4Robert Cooter · Thomas UlenLaw and Economics (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77028-5Michael MelvinInternational Money and Finance (7th Edition)
2002978-0-201-77036-0Robert J. GordonMacroeconomics (9th Edition)
2002978-0-201-77037-7Paul R. Krugman · Maurice ObstfeldInternational Economics: Theory and Policy (6th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77051-3Michael P. Todaro · Stephen C. SmithEconomic Development (8th Edition)
2001978-0-201-77059-9Neil BradleyThe XML Companion (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77060-5Jim Arlow · Ila NeustadtUML and the Unified Process: practical object-oriented analysis and design
2002978-0-201-77061-2James Lee · Brent WareOpen Source Development with LAMP: Using Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl, and PHP
2003978-0-201-77081-0Susan HorwitzAddison-Wesley's Review for the Computer Science AP Exam in Java
2002978-0-201-77083-4Neil BradleyThe XSL Companion (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77128-2Jeffrey Bennett · William L. Briggs · Mario F. TriolaStatistical Reasoning for Everyday Life (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-201-77129-9Mario F. TriolaEssentials of Statistics (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77130-5Neil A. WeissElementary Statistics (6th Edition)
2004978-0-201-77131-2Neil A. WeissIntroductory Statistics (7th Edition)
2003978-0-201-77137-4Don Hutchison · Mark YannottaMathematics for New Technologies
  ''978-0-201-77168-8Dwight PeltzerXML: Language Mechanics and Applications
  ''978-0-201-77174-9Marie AratariTrigonometry: A Circular Function Approach
2002978-0-201-77186-2Elliotte Rusty HaroldProcessing XML with Java¿: A Guide to SAX, DOM, JDOM, JAXP, and TrAX (2 Volume Set)
1998978-0-201-77297-5Sam Deep · Lyle SussmanPower Tools: 33 Management Inventions You Can Use Today
2002978-0-201-77317-0Olav Martin Kvern · David BlatnerReal World Adobe(R) InDesign(R) 2
2001978-0-201-77320-0Nolan HesterFileMaker Pro 5.5 for Windows & Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide)
2002978-0-201-77321-7Elaine Weinmann · Peter LourekasIllustrator 10 for Windows & Macintosh
2003978-0-201-77340-8Bruce Fraser · Fred Bunting · Chris MurphyReal World Color Management
2002978-0-201-77343-9Edward AngelInteractive Computer Graphics: A Top-Down Approach with OpenGL (3rd Edition)
2003978-0-201-77344-6Gary NuttOperating Systems (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-201-77345-3Syed Mansoor Sarwar · Khaled H. Al-SaqabiLINUX & UNIX Programming Tools: A Primer for Software Developers
2001978-0-201-77347-7Heidi HowardA Review of Algebra
  ''978-0-201-77351-4Phyllis Davis · Steve SchwartzCorelDraw 10 for Windows
2002978-0-201-77363-7Richard Earp · Sikha BaguiLearning SQL: A Step-By-Step Guide Using Oracle
  ''978-0-201-77422-1John M. Slatin · Sharron RushMaximum Accessibility: Making Your Web Site More Usable for Everyone: Making Your Web Site More Usable for Everyone
2002978-0-201-77423-8Roderick W. SmithAdvanced Linux Networking
  ''978-0-201-77425-2Yasser ShohoudReal World XML Web Services: For VB and VB .NET Developers (Developmentor Series (Dm))
2001978-0-201-77426-9Orson Kellog · Veera BhatnagarMacromedia Authorware 6: Training from the Source
2004978-0-201-77469-6John McKenzie · Robert Goldman · A. Minitab Inc.The Student Guide to MINITAB Release 14
2005978-0-201-77471-9Neil A. WeissA Course in Probability
2003978-0-201-77569-3Mario F. TriolaElementary Statistics Using Excel,2nd Edition
  ''978-0-201-77570-9   ''Elementary Statistics, Ninth Edition
2002978-0-201-77574-7Bill EnglishThe Administrator's Guide to SharePoint Portal Server 2001
2001978-0-201-77575-4Bud Porter-RothRequest for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development
2002978-0-201-77577-8Neil Potter · Mary SakryMaking Process Improvement Work: A Concise Action Guide for Software Managers and Practitioners
2003978-0-201-77578-5Robert SedgewickBundle of Algorithms in Java, Third Edition, Parts 1-5: Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching, and Graph Algorithms (3rd Edition) (Pts. 1-5)
2001978-0-201-77580-8Rahul Sharma · Beth Stearns · Tony NgJ2EE¿ Connector Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration
  ''978-0-201-77581-5Bjarne Stroustrup · Andrei Alexandrescu · Andrew Koenig · Barbara Moo · Stanley B. Lippman · Herb SutterC++ In-Depth Box Set
  ''978-0-201-77582-2Sun Microsystems Inc.Java(TM) Look and Feel Design Guidelines: Advanced Topics (Java Series)
2001978-0-201-77584-6Ted AlspachPageMaker 7 for Windows & Macintosh
2002978-0-201-77592-1Thomas M. Thomas II · Doris Pavlichek · Lawrence H. Dwyer III · Rajah Chowbay · Wayne W. Downing III · James SondereggerJuniper Networks Reference Guide: JUNOS Routing, Configuration, and Architecture: JUNOS Routing, Configuration, and Architecture
2003978-0-201-77594-5Luke HohmannBeyond Software Architecture: Creating and Sustaining Winning Solutions
2004978-0-201-77595-2Hassan GomaaDesigning Software Product Lines with UML: From Use Cases to Pattern-Based Software Architectures
2001978-0-201-77597-6Larry UllmanPHP Advanced for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickPro Guide
2002978-0-201-77629-4British Computer SocietyA Glossary of Computing Terms (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-77630-0Deke McClellandReal World Adobe® Illustrator® 10
2001978-0-201-77631-7W. Richard Stevens · Gary R. WrightTCP/IP Illustrated (3 Volume Set)
  ''978-0-201-77639-3Watts S. HumphreyWinning with Software: An Executive Strategy
2003978-0-201-77640-9Sherif M. Yacoub · Hany H. Ammar · Sherif Yacoub · Hany AmmarPattern-Oriented Analysis and Design: Composing Patterns to Design Software Systems
2002978-0-201-77641-6Frank CoyleXML, Web Services, and the Data Revolution
  ''978-0-201-78122-9Michael SwaineREALbasic for Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide (Visual Quickstart Guides)
2003978-0-201-78134-2Jorg Liebeherr · Magda El ZarkiMastering Networks: An Internet Lab Manual
  ''978-0-201-78263-9Robin WilliamsThe Mac is Not a Typewriter, 2nd Edition
2002978-0-201-78419-0John L. HufferdiSCSI: The Universal Storage Connection: The Universal Storage Connection
2003978-0-201-78420-6Larissa T. Moss · Shaku AtreBusiness Intelligence Roadmap: The Complete Project Lifecycle for Decision-Support Applications
2002978-0-201-78472-5Mark Hapner · Rich Burridge · Rahul Sharma · Joseph Fialli · Kim HaaseJava¿ Message Service API Tutorial and Reference: Messaging for the J2EE¿ Platform
2002978-0-201-78479-4Lawrence J. GitmanPrinciples of Managerial Finance (10th Edition)
  ''978-0-201-78480-0Lawrence J. GitmanPrinciples of Managerial Finance, Brief (3rd Edition)