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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-0-12-802714-1Vasileios Karyotis · M.H.R. KhouzaniMalware Diffusion Models for Modern Complex Networks: Theory and Applications
2018978-0-12-802717-2Max M. HouckDigital and Document Examination (Advanced Forensic Science Series)
2017978-0-12-802718-9Max M. HouckForensic Engineering (Advanced Forensic Science)
  ''978-0-12-802719-6Wendy J Koen · C. Michael Bowers D.D.S. J.D.Forensic Science Reform: Protecting the Innocent
2018978-0-12-802720-2Frederick L. CoolidgeEvolutionary Neuropsychology: The Evolution of the Structures and Functions of the Human Brain
2015978-0-12-802721-9Chet HosmerPython Passive Network Mapping: P2NMAP
2014978-0-12-802722-6Henry DalzielIntroduction to US Cybersecurity Careers
2016978-0-12-802724-0Andrés Illanes · Cecilia Guerrero · Carlos Vera · Lorena Wilson · Raúl Conejeros · Felipe ScottLactose-Derived Prebiotics: A Process Perspective
  ''978-0-12-802725-7Michelle McGuire · Mark A McGuire · Lars BodePrebiotics and Probiotics in Human Milk: Origins and Functions of Milk-Borne Oligosaccharides and Bacteria
  ''978-0-12-802727-1Hildegarde Heymann · Susan E. EbelerSensory and Instrumental Evaluation of Alcoholic Beverages
  ''978-0-12-802728-8Carl B. Schreck · Lluis Tort · Anthony P. Farrell · Colin J. BraunerBiology of Stress in Fish, Volume 35 (Fish Physiology)
2014978-0-12-802730-1Henry DalzielHow to Define and Build an Effective Cyber Threat Intelligence Capability
2014978-0-12-802731-8Henry DalzielHow to Defeat Advanced Malware: New Tools for Protection and Forensics
2015978-0-12-802732-5   ''How to Attack and Defend Your Website
2017978-0-12-802734-9Ajaykumar Vishwakarma · Jeffrey M KarpBiology and Engineering of Stem Cell Niches
2020978-0-12-802736-3Cathrine Jansson-Boyd · Peter BrightConsumer Neuroscience
2015978-0-12-802748-6Juan Baztan · Omer Chouinard · Bethany Jorgensen · Paul Tett · Jean-Paul Vanderlinden · Liette VasseurCoastal Zones: Solutions for the 21st Century
  ''978-0-12-802749-3Dominick A DellaSala · Chad T. HansonThe Ecological Importance of Mixed-Severity Fires: Nature's Phoenix
2017978-0-12-802761-5William B. Coleman · Gregory J. TsongalisMolecular Pathology, Second Edition: The Molecular Basis of Human Disease
2015978-0-12-802762-2Gad Loebenstein · Nikolaos KatisControl of Plant Virus Diseases, Volume 91: Vegetatively-Propagated Crops (Advances in Virus Research)
2016978-0-12-802764-6Edward M. RobinsonCrime Scene Photography, Third Edition
2015978-0-12-802774-5Charles A. Sennewald CPP · Curtis BaillieEffective Security Management
2016978-0-12-802778-3Sudarshan Nadathur · Janitha P. D. Dr. Wanasundara · Laurie ScanlinSustainable Protein Sources
  ''978-0-12-802780-6Debasis Bagchi · Sreejayan NairDeveloping New Functional Food and Nutraceutical Products
2015978-0-12-802782-0Roland CloutierBecoming a Global Chief Security Executive Officer: A How to Guide for Next Generation Security Leaders
2018978-0-12-802786-8Fenghe Qiu · Garry ScrivensAccelerated Predictive Stability (APS): Fundamentals and Pharmaceutical Industry Practices
2015978-0-12-802806-3Ella Bingham · Samuel Kaski · Jorma Laaksonen · Jouko LampinenAdvances in Independent Component Analysis and Learning Machines
  ''978-0-12-802814-8Alireza BahadoriPersonnel Protection and Safety Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industries
  ''978-0-12-802817-9Bernard LiengmeA Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers
2019978-0-12-802823-0Chang-Hui ShenDiagnostic Molecular Biology
2015978-0-12-802824-7John R. Sabin · Remigio Cabrera-TrujilloConcepts of Mathematical Physics in Chemistry: A Tribute to Frank E. Harris - Part A, Volume 71 (Advances in Quantum Chemistry)
2015978-0-12-802825-4Brent E. Turvey · Stan CrowderAnabolic Steroid Abuse in Public Safety Personnel: A Forensic Manual
  ''978-0-12-802827-8Rossen DonevPeptide and Protein Vaccines, Volume 99 (Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology)
  ''978-0-12-802828-5   ''Protein and Peptide Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery, Volume 98 (Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology)
2016978-0-12-802833-9Lianyang ZhangEngineering Properties of Rocks
2015978-0-12-802841-4George CampbellMeasuring and Communicating Security's Value: A Compendium of Metrics for Enterprise Protection
  ''978-0-12-802842-1Ray BernardSecurity Technology Convergence Insights
2016978-0-12-802850-6Barry K. B. Berkovitz · R.P ShellisThe Teeth of Non-Mammalian Vertebrates
  ''978-0-12-802852-0Vivian ShnaidmanForensic Psychiatry: A Lawyer’s Guide
2017978-0-12-802853-7Ann Cuypers · Jaco VangronsveldPhytoremediation, Volume 83 (Advances in Botanical Research)
2016978-0-12-802856-8Aaron T. Dossey · Juan A. Morales-Ramos · M. Guadalupe RojasInsects as Sustainable Food Ingredients: Production, Processing and Food Applications
2019978-0-12-802860-5Mark von Rosing · John A. Zachman · George EtzelThe Complete Business Process Handbook: Extended Business Process Management, Volume 2
2018978-0-12-802861-2M.G.Venkatesh Mannar · Richard F. HurrellFood Fortification in a Globalized World
2015978-0-12-802878-0Ales Iglic · Michael Rappolt · Chandrashekhar V. KulkarniAdvances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes, Volume 22
2015978-0-12-802882-7Jules J BermanRepurposing Legacy Data: Innovative Case Studies (Computer Science Reviews and Trends)
2017978-0-12-802896-4Uttam Garg · Laurie D. SmithBiomarkers in Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Clinical Aspects and Laboratory Determination (Clinical Aspects and Laboratory Determination of Biomarkers Series)
  ''978-0-12-802900-8Piper M. Treuting DVM MS Diplomate ACVP · Suzanne M. Dintzis · Kathleen S. MontineComparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse, Rat, and Human Atlas
2015978-0-12-802902-2Peter Moo · Zhen DingAdaptive Radar Resource Management
  ''978-0-12-802912-1Richard GlatzMolecular Basis of Olfaction, Volume 130 (Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science)
  ''978-0-12-802920-6Kenneth D. Tew · Paul B. FisherAdvances in Cancer Research, Volume 127
  ''978-0-12-802924-4Donald Krapohl · Pamela ShawFundamentals of Polygraph Practice
2014978-0-12-802927-5Iraj Sadegh Amiri · O.A. Akanbi · E. FazeldehkordiA Machine-Learning Approach to Phishing Detection and Defense
2017978-0-12-802928-2Ann M. Coulston · Carol J. Boushey · Mario Ferruzzi · Linda DelahantyNutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease
2015978-0-12-802929-9William BoltonProgrammable Logic Controllers
2015978-0-12-802930-5Aaron Wheeler · Michael WinburnCloud Storage Security: A Practical Guide (Computer Science Reviews and Trends)
2020978-0-12-802932-9Anita Chandra · Joie AcostaCommunity Resilience: Practical Applications to Strengthen Whole Communities in Disaster
2015978-0-12-802934-3Marko CabricCorporate Security Management: Challenges, Risks, and Strategies
  ''978-0-12-802938-1Rory A. FisherRGS Protein Physiology and Pathophysiology, Volume 133 (Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science)
  ''978-0-12-802939-8Guangyu WuTrafficking of GPCRs, Volume 132 (Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science)
  ''978-0-12-802950-3Mohsen Sheikholeslami · Davood Domairry GanjiHydrothermal Analysis in Engineering Using Control Volume Finite Element Method
2016978-0-12-802961-9William A. Poe · Saeid MokhatabModeling, Control, and Optimization of Natural Gas Processing Plants
2017978-0-12-802965-7Gerald F. Combs Jr. · James P. McClungThe Vitamins: Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health
2015978-0-12-802967-1Chris P. Tsokos · Rebecca D. WootenThe Joy of Finite Mathematics: The Language and Art of Math
  ''978-0-12-802969-5Lingling Fan · Zhixin MiaoModeling and Analysis of Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Energy Systems
2016978-0-12-802972-5Ronald Ross Watson · Victor R. PreedyFruits, Vegetables, and Herbs: Bioactive Foods in Health Promotion
2015978-0-12-802974-9A.L. De Bortoli · Greice Andreis · Felipe PereiraModeling and Simulation of Reactive Flows
2015978-0-12-802978-7Pille Taba · Andrew John Lees · Katrin SikkThe Neuropsychiatric Complications of Stimulant Abuse, Volume 120 (International Review of Neurobiology)
2016978-0-12-802980-0Satinder Kaur Brar · Saurabh Jyoti Sarma · Kannan PakshirajanPlatform Chemical Biorefinery: Future Green Chemistry
  ''978-0-12-802993-0Stephen Saddow Ph.DSilicon Carbide Biotechnology: A Biocompatible Semiconductor for Advanced Biomedical Devices and Applications
2015978-0-12-803008-0Gerald LitwackHormones and Transport Systems, Volume 98 (Vitamins and Hormones)
2016978-0-12-803013-4Susan EttingerNutritional Pathophysiology of Obesity and its Comorbidities: A Case-Study Approach
  ''978-0-12-803014-1Charles L. EdelsteinBiomarkers of Kidney Disease
2015978-0-12-803027-1Anna Fontcuberta i Morral · Shadi A. Dayeh · Chennupati JagadishSemiconductor Nanowires I: Growth and Theory, Volume 93 (Semiconductors and Semimetals)
  ''978-0-12-803052-3Donald L. SparksAdvances in Agronomy, Volume 133
  ''978-0-12-803053-0Barry PerlmutterSolid-Liquid Filtration: Practical Guides in Chemical Engineering
2029978-0-12-803056-1Sandip HarimkarLaser Surface Engineering of Aluminum Alloys
2015978-0-12-803062-2Paul ReaEssential Clinically Applied Anatomy of the Peripheral Nervous System in the Limbs
2017978-0-12-803064-6George Haddow · Jane Bullock · Damon P. CoppolaIntroduction to Emergency Management
2016978-0-12-803066-0Hongwen HuangKiwifruit: The Genus ACTINIDIA
978-0-12-803068-4Mark von RosingThe Complete Business Process Handbook: Leading Practices of the Outperformers, Volume 3 (Leading Practices from Outperformers)
2015978-0-12-803070-7Mohammad JamshidnezhadExperimental Design in Petroleum Reservoir Studies
2017978-0-12-803075-2Leonie RingroseEpigenetics and Systems Biology (Translational Epigenetics Series)
2015978-0-12-803081-3Xinwei WangDifferential Quadrature and Differential Quadrature Based Element Methods: Theory and Applications
2017978-0-12-803083-7Bruce A. FowlerElectronic Waste: Toxicology and Public Health Issues
2015978-0-12-803090-5Graham A. WebbAnnual Reports on NMR Spectroscopy, Volume 85
2016978-0-12-803095-0Pramod ThakurAdvanced Reservoir and Production Engineering for Coal Bed Methane
2016978-0-12-803097-4James G. SpeightDeep Shale Oil and Gas
2015978-0-12-803100-1Chandran Karunakaran · Kalpana Bhargava · Robson BenjaminBiosensors and Bioelectronics
2017978-0-12-803109-4Susan PayneViruses: From Understanding to Investigation
2015978-0-12-803115-5Joaquim Vives · Gloria CarmonaGuide to Cell Therapy GxP: Quality Standards in the Development of Cell-Based Medicines in Non-pharmaceutical Environments
  ''978-0-12-803117-9Xijun Wang · Aihua Zhang · Hui SunChinmedomics: The Integration of Serum Pharmacochemistry and Metabolomics to Elucidate the Scientific Value of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  ''978-0-12-803119-3James P HardwickCytochrome P450 Function and Pharmacological Roles in Inflammation and Cancer, Volume 74 (Advances in Pharmacology)
  ''978-0-12-803125-4Xiaoli DuanHighlights of the Chinese Exposure Factors Handbook
978-0-12-803127-8Mike HernandezThink Like a Biostatistics Analyst: A Step-by-Step Study Guide
2018978-0-12-803128-5Lisa Lamont · Ali SayighApplication of Smart Grid Technologies: Case Studies in Saving Electricity in Different Parts of the World
  ''978-0-12-803129-2Andre Kushniruk · Elizabeth BoryckiUsability and Health Care Technology
2016978-0-12-803130-8Prakash NadkarniClinical Research Computing: A Practitioner's Handbook
2016978-0-12-803135-3Brian DixonHealth Information Exchange: Navigating and Managing a Network of Health Information Systems
2018978-0-12-803138-4Sueli Rodrigues · Ebenezer de Oliveira Silva · Edy Sousa de BritoExotic Fruits Reference Guide
2017978-0-12-803139-1Sibel Pamukcu · Liang ChengUnderground Sensing: Monitoring and Hazard Detection for Environment and Infrastructure
2015978-0-12-803159-9Jean Pierre BergoeingGeomorphology of Central America: A Syngenetic Perspective
2019978-0-12-803161-2George G. Nomikos · Douglas E. FeltnerTranslational Medicine in CNS Drug Development, Volume 29 (Handbook of Behavioral Neuroscience)
2015978-0-12-803188-9Djebbar Tiab Professor · Erle C. Donaldson ProfessorPetrophysics, Fourth Edition: Theory and Practice of Measuring Reservoir Rock and Fluid Transport Properties
  ''978-0-12-803190-2Bernhard Eckwert · Itzhak ZilchaThe Economics of Screening and Risk Sharing in Higher Education: Human Capital Formation, Income Inequality, and Welfare
2017978-0-12-803200-8Samuel Chackalamannil · David Rotella · Simon WardComprehensive Medicinal Chemistry III
  ''978-0-12-803202-2E. P. PopekSampling and Analysis of Environmental Chemical Pollutants, Second Edition: A Complete Guide
  ''978-0-12-803206-0Dean F. SittigClinical Informatics Literacy: 5000 Concepts That Every Informatician Should Know
2018978-0-12-803208-4Andre Kushniruk · Elizabeth BoryckiSafety and Risk Management for Health Information Technology
2016978-0-12-803212-1Toshihisa FunabashiIntegration of Distributed Energy Resources in Power Systems: Implementation, Operation and Control
2015978-0-12-803216-9Patricio Salmeron Revuelta · Salvador Pérez Litrán · Jaime Prieto ThomasActive Power Line Conditioners: Design, Simulation and Implementation for Improving Power Quality
2017978-0-12-803220-6Shunlin LiangComprehensive Remote Sensing
2016978-0-12-803224-4John C. Lindon · George E. Tranter · David KoppenaalEncyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry
  ''978-0-12-803228-2Lennox Hoyte · Margot DamaserBiomechanics of the Female Pelvic Floor
2017978-0-12-803230-5Armin Schneider · Hubertus FeussnerBiomedical Engineering in Gastrointestinal Surgery
2017978-0-12-803233-6Sanaa M. KamalHepatitis C in Developing Countries: Current and Future Challenges
2016978-0-12-803239-8Trygve TollefsbolMedical Epigenetics (Translational Epigenetics)
2015978-0-12-803241-1Vratislav Hurai · Monika Huraiová · Marek Slobodník · Rainer ThomasGeofluids: Developments in Microthermometry, Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics, and Stable Isotopes (Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Data Bibliography)
2017978-0-12-803247-3Ajay K. Singh MB · Gordon H. WilliamsTextbook of Nephro-Endocrinology
978-0-12-803254-1Controversies in Vaccine Safety: A Critical Review
2015978-0-12-803256-5Roy M Anderson · Maria Gloria BasanezMathematical Models for Neglected Tropical Diseases: Essential Tools for Control and Elimination, Part A, Volume 87 (Advances in Parasitology)
2016978-0-12-803273-2Rolf K. EckhoffExplosion Hazards in the Process Industries, Second Edition
2015978-0-12-803275-6Ionut PuricaNonlinear Dynamics of Financial Crises: How to Predict Discontinuous Decisions
  ''978-0-12-803277-0Joseph YiuThe Definitive Guide to ARM Cortex -M0 and Cortex-M0+ Processors
2016978-0-12-803287-9Subrata Kumar MajumderHydrodynamics and Transport Processes of Inverse Bubbly Flow
  ''978-0-12-803291-6Harlan CarveyWindows Registry Forensics: Advanced Digital Forensic Analysis of the Windows Registry
2015978-0-12-803295-4Anne KenworthyLipid Domains, Volume 75 (Current Topics in Membranes)
  ''978-0-12-803299-2Robert K. PooleAdvances in Microbial Physiology, Volume 66
  ''978-0-12-803300-5Harry G. BrittainProfiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related Methodology, Volume 40
2015978-0-12-803301-2David Rollinson · Russell StothardAdvances in Parasitology, Volume 89
2017978-0-12-803308-1Kirsten C. Sadler EdepliZebrafish at the Interface of Development and Disease Research, Volume 124 (Current Topics in Developmental Biology)
2015978-0-12-803310-4László Kevickzy · Cs. BanyaszTwo-Degree-of-Freedom Control Systems: The Youla Parameterization Approach
2016978-0-12-803312-8Nikolaos PapageorgiouCardiovascular Diseases: Genetic Susceptibility, Environmental Factors and their Interaction
2015978-0-12-803316-6Gregory S. MakowskiAdvances in Clinical Chemistry, Volume 70
  ''978-0-12-803321-0Rainer StraubThe Origin of Chronic Inflammatory Systemic Diseases and their Sequelae
2016978-0-12-803340-1Brett Shavers · John BairHiding Behind the Keyboard: Uncovering Covert Communication Methods with Forensic Analysis
  ''978-0-12-803348-7Roger W Jelliffe · Michael NeelyIndividualized Drug Therapy for Patients: Basic Foundations, Relevant Software and Clinical Applications
  ''978-0-12-803355-5Sean MoranProcess Plant Layout
2015978-0-12-803357-9Mary Nord CookTransforming Teen Behavior: Parent Teen Protocols for Psychosocial Skills Training
2016978-0-12-803361-6Effie Tsakalidou · Konstantinos PapadimitriouNon-Bovine Milk and Milk Products
2018978-0-12-803369-2Chaim Putterman · David Cowburn · Steven AlmoStructural Biology in Immunology: Structure/Function of Novel Molecules of Immunologic Importance
2016978-0-12-803371-5Julián Blasco · Peter M. Chapman · Olivia Campana · Miriam HampelMarine Ecotoxicology: Current Knowledge and Future Issues
2015978-0-12-803374-6David Wenzhong GaoEnergy Storage for Sustainable Microgrid
  ''978-0-12-803380-7Amita SehgalCircadian Rhythms and Biological Clocks Part B, Volume 552 (Methods in Enzymology)
2015978-0-12-803393-7John M. RyanFood Fraud
  ''978-0-12-803397-5Mirjana Dalarsson MSc - Engineering Physics 1984< · br> · Licentiate - Engineering Physics 1989 · Nils DalarssonTensors, Relativity, and Cosmology
  ''978-0-12-803408-8Pratima BajpaiPulp and Paper Industry: Chemicals
  ''978-0-12-803409-5Pratima BajpaiPulp and Paper Industry: Microbiological Issues in Papermaking
2016978-0-12-803411-8   ''Pulp and Paper Industry: Energy Conservation
2017978-0-12-803412-5Hossein Sadrzadeh · Gregory KlineEndocrine Biomarkers: Clinicians and Clinical Chemists in Partnership
2015978-0-12-803413-2Robert L. Stamps · Robert E. CamleySolid State Physics, Volume 66
  ''978-0-12-803417-0William C. Lyons · Thomas Carter · Norton J. LapeyrouseFormulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production, and Workover: All the Formulas You Need to Solve Drilling and Production Problems
2015978-0-12-803420-0S.P. Deolalkar · Anil Shah · Naresh DavergaveDesigning Green Cement Plants
2016978-0-12-803437-8Alireza BahadoriFluid Phase Behavior for Conventional and Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  ''978-0-12-803451-4Kevvie FowlerData Breach Preparation and Response: Breaches are Certain, Impact is Not
2015978-0-12-803459-0Gary SmithEssential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics
  ''978-0-12-803460-6Aamir ShahzadTranslational Medicine: Tools And Techniques
2017978-0-12-803471-2Jian JingNetwork Functions and Plasticity: Perspectives from Studying Neuronal Electrical Coupling in Microcircuits
  ''978-0-12-803472-9Brian Leicester BayneBiology of Oysters, Volume 41 (Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science)
  ''978-0-12-803473-6H. William Detrich III · Leonard Zon · Monte WesterfieldThe Zebrafish: Disease Models and Chemical Screens, Volume 138 (Methods in Cell Biology)
2015978-0-12-803477-4Gideon SamidTethered Money: Managing Digital Currency Transactions
2017978-0-12-803480-4Christophe Lavelle · Jean-Marc VictorNuclear Architecture and Dynamics, Volume 2 (Translational Epigenetics)
2015978-0-12-803482-8Edward R.B. McCabeHealthy Babies Are Worth The Wait: A Partnership to Reduce Preterm Births in Kentucky through Community-based Interventions 2007 - 2009
2017978-0-12-803483-5John Sammons · Lars DanielDigital Forensics Trial Graphics: Teaching the Jury through Effective Use of Visuals
2019978-0-12-803485-9Snorri GudmundssonGeneral Aviation Aircraft Load Analysis
2017978-0-12-803506-1Marianne J. LegatoPrinciples of Gender-Specific Medicine: Gender in the Genomic Era
2016978-0-12-803507-8Stephen P. KasperLatent Print Processing Guide
2015978-0-12-803519-1Vivekkumar K Redasani · Sanjay B. BariProdrug Design: Perspectives, Approaches and Applications in Medicinal Chemistry
2017978-0-12-803520-7Britta FolmerThe Craft and Science of Coffee
2017978-0-12-803523-8Monica S Krishnan · Margarita Racsa · Hsiang-Hsuan Michael YuHandbook of Supportive and Palliative Radiation Oncology
2016978-0-12-803527-6Lawrence A. LaceyMicrobial Control of Insect and Mite Pests: From Theory to Practice
  ''978-0-12-803533-7Mauro PaulinoForensic Psychology of Spousal Violence
978-0-12-803548-1Sarah HasfordPatent Law Basics for Chemists and Research Professionals
2017978-0-12-803550-4Gustavo Blanco · Antonio BlancoMedical Biochemistry
2018978-0-12-803555-9John B French · Sarah J. Converse · Jane E. Austin · Philip J. NyhusWhooping Cranes: Biology and Conservation: Biodiversity of the World: Conservation from Genes to Landscapes
2015978-0-12-803572-6Elliot J. GindisUp and Running with AutoCAD 2016: 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling
2016978-0-12-803579-5George Levy DPhil University of OxfordComputational Finance Using C and C#: Derivatives and Valuation (Quantitative Finance)
  ''978-0-12-803588-7Junzo Kasahara · Yoko HasadaTime Lapse Approach to Monitoring Oil, Gas, and CO2 Storage by Seismic Methods
2015978-0-12-803589-4Rong Lu · Tetsuo MiyakoshiLacquer Chemistry and Applications
2016978-0-12-803592-4Donald W Pfaff · Marian JoelsHormones, Brain and Behavior
  ''978-0-12-803597-9David W. RoseFriends and Partners: The Legacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Basil O’Connor in the History of Polio
2015978-0-12-803598-6Fusheng Li · Ruisheng Li · Fengquan ZhouMicrogrid Technology and Engineering Application
  ''978-0-12-803605-1Ningbo Wang · Chongqing Kang · Dongming RenLarge-Scale Wind Power Grid Integration: Technological and Regulatory Issues
2015978-0-12-803606-8Jeya HenryAdvances in Food and Nutrition Research, Volume 76
2016978-0-12-803620-4Ali S. Faqi DVMA Comprehensive Guide to Toxicology in Nonclinical Drug Development
2017978-0-12-803641-9Matthew M. LunnEssentials of Medicolegal Death Investigation
2016978-0-12-803642-6Kateryna Kon · Mahendra RaiAntibiotic Resistance: Mechanisms and New Antimicrobial Approaches
2017978-0-12-803657-0Gregory Jarpey · Scott McCoySecurity Operations Center Guidebook: A Practical Guide for a Successful SOC
2015978-0-12-803662-4Paul Valckenaers · Hendrik Van BrusselDesign for the Unexpected: From Holonic Manufacturing Systems towards a Humane Mechatronics Society
2016978-0-12-803672-3Michael McNicholasMaritime Security: An Introduction
  ''978-0-12-803678-5Stella R. Quah · William C CockerhamInternational Encyclopedia of Public Health, Second Edition
  ''978-0-12-803691-4Jarvis Hayman · Marc OxenhamHuman Body Decomposition
2015978-0-12-803697-6Josep Bassaganya-RieraComputational Immunology: Models and Tools
2016978-0-12-803698-3Larry D. PyeattModern Assembly Language Programming with the ARM Processor
  ''978-0-12-803729-4Rahul KalaOn-Road Intelligent Vehicles: Motion Planning for Intelligent Transportation Systems
2015978-0-12-803734-8Johannes FinkPetroleum Engineer's Guide to Oil Field Chemicals and Fluids
2017978-0-12-803739-3Peter Goekjian · Arnaud Haudrechy · Boudjema Menhour · Claire CoiffierC-Furanosides: Synthesis and Stereochemistry
2016978-0-12-803751-5Charis Michel GalanakisInnovation Strategies in the Food Industry: Tools for Implementation
  ''978-0-12-803754-6Phil Andrews (Ow · Jim PlayfootEducation and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry: Case Studies in Partnership and Collaboration Custom
2015978-0-12-803755-3Phil Andrews · Jim PlayfootEducation and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry: Building A Technically Competent Workforce [CUSTOM]
2017978-0-12-803759-1Soren Blau · David Ranson · Chris O'DonnellAn Atlas of Skeletal Trauma in Medico-Legal Contexts