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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1982978-0-12-597302-1Azriel RosenfeldDigital Picture Processing: Volume 2 (Computer Science and Scientific Computing)
1983978-0-12-597303-8Azriel Rosenfeld · Avinash C. KakDigital Picture Processing, Two -Volume Set, Volume 1-2 (Computer Science and Scientific Computing)
1982978-0-12-597320-5Azriel RosenfeldImage Modeling.
1979978-0-12-597340-3   ''Picture Languages: Formal Models for Picture Recognition (Computer science and applied mathematics)
1987978-0-12-597345-8   ''Human and Machine Vision II (Perspectives in Computing)
1969978-0-12-597350-2A. RosenfeldPicture Processing By Computer (Computer Science And Applied Mathematics)
1976978-0-12-597360-1Azriel Rosenfeld · Avinash C. KakDigital Picture Processing (Computer science and applied mathematics series)
1974978-0-12-597450-9H. H. RosenbrockComputer-Aided Control System Design
1964978-0-12-597550-6Irene Rosenfeld · O.A. BeathSelenium
1986978-0-12-597640-4Gordon D. RossImmunobiology of the Complement System: An Introduction for Research and Clinical Medicine
1982978-0-12-597680-0Joseph G. RosensteinLinear orderings, Volume 98 (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
1970978-0-12-597750-0Robert Rosenthal · Ralph L. RosnowArtifact in Behavioural Research (Social Psychological Monograph)
1975978-0-12-597850-7Alan S. RosentalImmune Recognition (Proceedings of the Leucocyte Culture Conference ; 9th)
1994978-0-12-597870-5Robert, Jr. RoskoskiGeneral Bioenergetics
  ''978-0-12-597930-6M. A. Rosner · C. J. Rupp · R. L. JohnsonConstraints, Language and Computation (Cognitive Science)
1968978-0-12-597950-4Ralph L. Rosnow · Edward J. Robinson · Leon Festinger · Stanley SchachterExperiments in Persuasion (Social Psychology)
2002978-0-12-597951-1Janet Rossant · Patrick T. TamMouse Development: Patterning, Morphogenesis, and Organogenesis
1981978-0-12-598001-2Alexander S. GeorgeBanksias, The
1969978-0-12-598050-0J. Barkley RosserSimplified Independence Proofs: Boolean Valued Models of Set Theory (Pure & Applied Mathematics)
2001978-0-12-598051-7Sheldon M. RossProbability Models for Computer Science
  ''978-0-12-598052-4Sheldon M. RossProbability Models for Computer Science, Instructor's Manual
2002978-0-12-598053-1   ''Simulation, Third Edition (Statistical Modeling and Decision Science)
2003978-0-12-598055-5   ''Introduction to Probability Models, Eighth Edition
2003978-0-12-598056-2Sheldon M. RossIntroduction to Probability Models, 8th Edition Instructors Manual, Eighth Edition
2004978-0-12-598057-9   ''Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
  ''978-0-12-598058-6   ''Instructors Manual for Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Third Edition, Third Edition
978-0-12-598059-3Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
2003978-0-12-598061-6Sheldon M. RossIntroduction to Probability Models, ISE
2006978-0-12-598062-3   ''Introduction to Probability Models
  ''978-0-12-598063-0   ''Simulation (Statistical Modeling and Decision Science)
1969978-0-12-598150-7Dieter RossLasers: Light Amplifiers and Oscillators.
1980978-0-12-598180-4Eric B. RossBeyond the Myths of Culture: Essays in Cultural Materialism (Studies in Anthropology)
2001978-0-12-598190-3Howard D. RossMicrogravity Combustion: Fire in Free Fall (Combustion Treatise)
1982978-0-12-598220-7Peter H. Rossi · James D. Wright · Eleanor Weber-BurdinNatural Hazards and Public Choice: The State and Local Politics of Hazard Mitigation (Quantitative Studies in Social Relations series)
1985978-0-12-598227-6Peter H. Rossi · James D. Wright · Andy B. AndersonHandbook of Survey Research: Quantitative Studies in Social Relations
1980978-0-12-598240-5Richard A. Berk · Kenneth J. LenihanMoney, Work, and Crime: A Field Experiment in Reducing Recidivism Through Postrelease Financial Aid to Prisoners (Quantitative studies in social relations series)
1965978-0-12-598250-4William Rostoker · James R. DvorakInterpretation of Metallographic Structures
1990978-0-12-598255-9William Rostoker · James R. DvorakInterpretation of Metallographic Structures
1977978-0-12-598260-3   ''Interpretation of Metallographic Structures
1996978-0-12-598275-7Peter H. RossiModelling Stock Market Volatility: Bridging the Gap to Continuous Time
1982978-0-12-598280-1Alice RossiFeminists in Politics: A Panel Analysis of the First National Women's Conference
1972978-0-12-598301-3George H. Rothblat · Vincent J. CristofaloGrowth, Nutrition, and Metabolism of Cells in Culture, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-12-598302-0George H. Rothblat · Vincent J. CristofaloGrowth, Nutrition and Metabolism of Cells in Culture: v. 2
1977978-0-12-598303-7   ''Growth, Nutrition and Metabolism of Cells in Culture: v. 3
1996978-0-12-598410-2Sheldon M. RossSimulation, Second Edition: Programming Methods and Applications (Statistical Modeling and Decision Science)
1983978-0-12-598420-1Sheldon RossIntroduction to Stochastic Dynamic Programming (PROBABILITY AND MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS)
1995978-0-12-598421-8Sheldon M. RossIntroduction to Stochastic Dynamic Programming
1972978-0-12-598450-8   ''Introduction to Probability Models (Probability & Mathematical Statistics Monograph)
1993978-0-12-598455-3   ''Introduction to Probability Models
1993978-0-12-598458-4Sheldon M. RossStudent Solutions Manual: Introduction for Probability Models, Fifth Edition
1981978-0-12-598460-7   ''Introduction to Probability Models (Probability & Mathematical Statistics Monograph)
  ''978-0-12-598462-1   ''Introduction to Probability Models: Solutions Manual
1985978-0-12-598463-8   ''Introduction to Probability Models
1989978-0-12-598464-5Sheldon M RossIntroduction to Probability Models (Fourth Edition)
  ''978-0-12-598465-2Sheldon RossSolutions Manual for Introduction to Probability Models
1985978-0-12-598468-3Sheldon M. RossIntroduction to Probability Models
  ''978-0-12-598469-0Solutions Manual for Introduction to Probability Models
1997978-0-12-598470-6Sheldon M. RossIntroduction to Probability Models, Sixth Edition
  ''978-0-12-598471-3   ''Introduction to Probability Models, Instructor's Manual, Sixth Edition
1999978-0-12-598472-0Sheldon M. RossIntroduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Second Edition
2000978-0-12-598475-1   ''Introduction to Probability Models, Seventh Edition
  ''978-0-12-598476-8Author UnknownIntroduction to Probability Models Instructors Manual 7E, Seventh Edition
1982978-0-12-598540-6Gian-Carlo RotaStudies in Applied Math: A Volume Dedicated to Irving Segal
1987978-0-12-598543-7Gian-Carlo RotaProbability, Statistical Mechanics, and Number Theory: A Volume Dedicated to Mark Kac (Advances in Mathematics. Supplementary Studies, Vol 9)
1986978-0-12-598545-1Rota Gian-CarloScience and Computers (Advances in mathematics)
1969978-0-12-598550-5Lloyd J. and Walter E. Stumpf (eds). RothAutoradiography of Diffusible Substances.
1994978-0-12-598560-4Michael G. Roth · Leslie Wilson · Paul T. MatsudairaProtein Expression in Animal Cells, Volume 43 (Methods in Cell Biology (Cloth))
1993978-0-12-598580-2Jay S. RothUnderstanding Cancer
1971978-0-12-598650-2Lawrence I. RothfieldStructure and Function of Biological Membranes (Molecular Biology)
2003978-0-12-598655-7Lynn Rothschild · Adrian ListerEvolution on Planet Earth: Impact of the Physical Environment (Vol 1)
1981978-0-12-598680-9David J. Rothman · Stanton WheelerSocial History and Social Policy
1982978-0-12-598720-2Henry RothschildBiocultural Aspects of Disease
1981978-0-12-598760-8Jerome I. Rotter · etc.Genetics and Heterogeneity of Common Gastrointestinal Disorders
1982978-0-12-598780-6Morton RothsteinBiochemical Approaches to Aging
1971978-0-12-598803-2Charles Rouiller · Alex F. MullerThe Kidney: v. 3: Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology
978-0-12-598804-9The Kidney
1963978-0-12-598901-5Edited By Rouiller Ch.THE LIVER (Morphology, Biochemistry, Physiology, 1)
  ''978-0-12-598902-2Charles RouillerThe Liver: v. 2
1997978-0-12-598910-7Dennis H. RouvrayFuzzy Logic in Chemistry
1998978-0-12-598920-6Jean Rouquerol · Françoise Rouquerol · Kenneth S.W. SingAdsorption by Powders and Porous Solids: Principles, Methodology and Applications
2003978-0-12-599020-2George G. RoussasAn Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference
2004978-0-12-599022-6George G. RoussasAn Introduction to Measure-theoretic Probability
1975978-0-12-599050-9Herbert Henry Roth · etc.Electrical Safety in Health Care Facilities (Clinical engineering series)
1979978-0-12-599101-8Gian-Carlo RotaStudies in Foundations and Combinatorics (Advances in mathematics: Supplementary studies)
  ''978-0-12-599102-5   ''Studies in Probability and Ergodic Theory (Advances in mathematics: Supplementary studies)
  ''978-0-12-599150-6   ''Studies in Analysis (Advances in mathematics: Supplementary studies)
1979978-0-12-599152-0Gian-Carlo RotaStudies in Algebraic Topology (Advances in mathematics: Supplementary studies)
  ''978-0-12-599153-7Glan-Carlo RotaStudies in Algebra and Number Theory (Advances in mathematics: Supplementary studies)
  ''978-0-12-599250-3Joseph J. RotmanIntroduction to Homological Algebra (Pure and Applied Mathematics, No. 85)
1997978-0-12-599315-9George G. RoussasA Course in Mathematical Statistics
1980978-0-12-599350-0Aryeh RouttenbergBiology of Reinforcement: Facets of Brain Stimulation Reward
1991978-0-12-599450-7Michael J. Rovine · Alexander von EyeApplied Computational Statistics in Longitudinal Research
1995978-0-12-599660-0RoweHistory of Modern Mathematics
1990978-0-12-599661-7David E. RoweThe History of Modern Mathematics, Volume 1: Ideas and Their Reception: Proceedings of the Sympowium on the History of Modern Mathematics Vassar College
  ''978-0-12-599662-4David E. Rowe · John McClearyThe History of Modern Mathematics, Volume 2: Institutions and Applications
1994978-0-12-599663-1Eberhard Knobloch · David E. RoweThe History of Modern Mathematics: Images, Ideas, and Communities (History of Modern Mathematics Vol. III)
1978978-0-12-599750-8Roger M. Rowell · Raymond A. YoungModified Cellulosics
1991978-0-12-599840-6Louis H. RowenRing Theory, Student Edition
1988978-0-12-599841-3Author UnknownRing theory V1, Volume 127-I (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
  ''978-0-12-599842-0Louis H. RowenRing theory V2, Volume 127-II (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
1980978-0-12-599850-5Author UnknownPolynomial identities in ring theory, Volume 84 (Pure and Applied Mathematics)
1987978-0-12-599930-4   ''Molecular Biology of Positive Strand RNA (F E M S SYMPOSIUM)
1983978-0-12-600250-8Janet D. RowleyChromosomes and Cancer: From Molecules to Man (Bristol-Myers cancer symposia)
1973978-0-12-600750-3Joseph Russell RoyceMultivariate Analysis and Psychological Theory: 3rd Banff Conference Proceedings
1972978-0-12-600950-7William F RoyceIntroduction to the fishery sciences
1996978-0-12-600952-1William F. RoyceIntroduction to the Practice of Fishery Science, Revised Edition
1987978-0-12-600955-2Author UnknownFishery Development
1984978-0-12-600960-6William F. RoyceIntroduction to the Practice of Fishery Science
1984978-0-12-601060-2A. K. RoyMolecular Basis of Aging
1981978-0-12-601080-0Supriya RoyManganese Deposits
2002978-0-12-601081-7Renato RozentalGap Junctions: Basic Principles and Clinical Implications
2000978-0-12-601130-2Douglas H. RubenTreating Adult Children of Alcoholics: A Behavioral Approach (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional)
1978978-0-12-601150-0I. Rubinstein · etc.Molecular Genetic Modification of Eukaryotes
1975978-0-12-601250-7Jeffrey Z. Rubin · Bert R. BrownThe Social Psychology of Bargaining and Negotiation
978-0-12-601450-1Advances in Behaviour Therapy
1971978-0-12-601452-5Richard D. Rubin · Herbert Fenserheim · Arnold A. Lazarus · Cyril M. FranksAdvances in Behavior Therapy (Proceedings of the Third Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy, Volume 2)
1972978-0-12-601453-2R D RubinAdvances in Behaviour Therapy: v. 4
1973978-0-12-601454-9R D RubinAdvances in Behaviour Therapy: v. 5
1982978-0-12-601680-2Alfred RudinThe Elements of Polymer Science and Engineering: An Introductory Text for Engineers and Chemists
1983978-0-12-601682-6   ''Solutions Manual for the Elements of Polymer Science and Engineering: An Introductory Text for Engineers and Chemists
1998978-0-12-601685-7   ''Elements of Polymer Science & Engineering, Second Edition: An Introductory Text and Reference for Engineers and Chemists (The Elements of Polymer Science and Engineering)
  ''978-0-12-601686-4   ''Elements of Polymer Science & Engineering: Elements of Polymer Science and Engineering, Solutions Manual
1992978-0-12-601690-1W. Rudzinski · D. H. EverettAdsorption of Gases on Heterogeneous Surfaces
1997978-0-12-601695-6John N. Abelson · Melvin I. Simon · Bernardo Rudy · Linda E. IversonIon Channels, Volume 207 (Methods in Enzymology)
1989978-0-12-601710-6David RuelleElements of Differentiable Dynamics and Bifurcation Theory
1990978-0-12-601715-1Steven T. RuggieroSuperconducting Devices
1985978-0-12-601720-5Wu Rukang · John W. OlsenPaleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archaeology in the People's Republic of China
1999978-0-12-601730-4Benjamin Martin Bly · David E. RumelhartCognitive Science (Handbook of Perception and Cognition, Second Edition)
1977978-0-12-601850-9D.M. RumbaughLanguage Learning by a Chimpanzee: The Lana Project (Communication and behavior)
1979978-0-12-601950-6I. Rubenstein · etc.Molecular Biology of Plants
  ''978-0-12-602050-2I. RubensteinThe plant seed, development, preservation, and germination: The proceedings of a Symposium on the Development, Preservation, and Germination of the ... St. Paul, Minnesota, March 21-23, 1978
1982978-0-12-602150-9Max RubnerThe Laws of Energy Conservation in Nutrition (The Nutrition foundations' reprints) (English and German Edition)
2004978-0-12-602250-6Laszlo Horvath · Imre RudasModeling and Problem Solving Techniques for Engineers
2009978-0-12-602367-1Stephen L. HarrisThe New Testament - A Student's Introduction (6th, Sixth Edition) - By Stephen L. Harris
2006978-0-12-602400-5Mark A. RuncoCreativity: Theories and Themes: Research, Development, and Practice
1962978-0-12-602450-0John Marshall · R. Alan PlumbAtmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics, Volume 3: An Introductory Text (International Geophysics)
1970978-0-12-602750-1Stanley K. RuncornPalaeogeophysics
978-0-12-602870-6The Consolidated Services Desk
1967978-0-12-603101-0H.O. RuppeIntroduction to Astronautics: v. 1
1968978-0-12-603102-7   ''Introduction to Astronautics: v. 2
1970978-0-12-603450-9W.V.T. Rusch · P.D. PotterAnalysis of Reflector Antennas (Electrical Science)
1973978-0-12-603550-6T.B. RushingTopological Embeddings (Pure and applied mathematics; a series of monographs and textbooks)
1998978-0-12-603640-4Heikki RuskeepaaMathematica Navigator: Graphics and Methods of Applied Mathematics
2004978-0-12-603642-8Heikki RuskeepaaMathematica Navigator: Mathematics, Statistics, and Graphics
1972978-0-12-603650-3robert rushmerMedical Engineering; Projections for Health Care Delivery
1979978-0-12-603750-0A.D. Russell · R. FullerCold Tolerant Microbes in Spoilage and the Environment (Society for Applied Bacteriology technical series ; no. 13)
1995978-0-12-604040-1David G. RussellMicrobes as Tools for Cell Biology (Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 45) (v. 45)
1976978-0-12-604050-0F. S. RussellThe Eggs and Planktonic Stages of British Marine Fishes
1982978-0-12-604060-9A. RussellThe Destruction of Bacterial Spores
1976978-0-12-604150-7David L. RussellCalculus of Variations and Control Theory (Publication of the Mathematics Research Center, University of Wisconsin--Madison ; no. 36)
1967978-0-12-604250-4Roger Wolcott RussellFrontiers in Physiological Psychology
1980978-0-12-604450-8Thomas R. Russell · etc.From Gene to Protein: Information Transfer in Normal and Abnormal Cells (Miami winter symposia)
1983978-0-12-604480-5A. Denver RussellAntibiotics: Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity and Resistance (TECHNICAL SERIES (SOCIETY FOR APPLIED BACTERIOLOGY))
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1971978-0-12-604550-5Jagdish S. RustagiOptimizing Methods in Statistics: Proceedings of a Symposium June 14-16, 1971
1994978-0-12-604555-0   ''Optimization Techniques in Statistics (Statistical Modeling and Decision Science)
1976978-0-12-604560-4RustagiVariational methods in statistics, Volume 121 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering)
1979978-0-12-604580-2Jagdish S. Rustagi · Bombay Indian Institute of TechnologyOptimizing Methods in Statistics: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Dec. 20-22, 1977
1999978-0-12-604585-7Rutherford ArisMathematical Modeling, Volume 1: A Chemical Engineer's Perspective (Process Systems Engineering)
1974978-0-12-605060-8Allan J. Ryan · Fred L. AllmanSports Medicine
1989978-0-12-605061-5Allan J. RyanSports Medicine
978-0-12-605062-2RyanEcotravellers Wildlife Guide: New Zealand
978-0-12-605064-6Research Method and Methodology in Finance and Accounting
1992978-0-12-605065-3Bob Ryan · Robert W. Scapens · Michael TheoboldResearch Method and Methodology in Finance and Accounting
1994978-0-12-605070-7Michael P. Ryan · James R. Holton · Renata DmowskaMagmatic Systems, Volume 57 (International Geophysics)
1988978-0-12-605110-0Michael RychenerExpert Systems for Engineering Design
1982978-0-12-605120-9Joseph F. RychlakPersonality and Lifestyle of Young Male Managers: A Logical Learning Theory Analysis
1968978-0-12-605150-6Michael Lawson Ryder · Stuart K. StephensonWool Growth
1977978-0-12-605250-3J. S. Ryland · Peter J. HaywardBritish Anascan Bryozoans (Synopses of the British Fauna, New Series)
1976978-0-12-605340-1Paul RylanderCatalysis in Organic Syntheses 1976
1968978-0-12-605350-0Paul N. RylanderCatalytic Hydrogenation Over Platinum Metals
1979978-0-12-605355-5Paul Nels RylanderCatalytic Hydrogenation in Organic Syntheses
1974978-0-12-605360-9Paul N. RylanderOrganic Synthesis with Noble Metal Catalysts (Organic Chemical Monograph)
1985978-0-12-605365-4Paul Nels RylanderHydrogenation Methods (Best Synthetic Methods)
1990978-0-12-605366-1Author UnknownHydrogenation Methods (Best Synthetic Methods)
1982978-0-12-605550-4Anthony RylePsychotherapy: A Cognitive Integration of Theory and Practice
1960978-0-12-605650-1E RyshkewitchOxide Ceramics: Physical Chemistry and Technology;
2004978-0-12-605811-6Martin H. SaddElasticity: Theory, Applications, and Numerics
1973978-0-12-605921-2Albert Lee SmithParticle Growth in Suspensions (Society of Chemical Industrial Monograph)
1975978-0-12-606015-7C A FinchReports on the Progress of Applied Chemistry: v. 58
  ''978-0-12-606016-4C A FinchReports on the Progress of Applied Chemistry: v. 57
1991978-0-12-606044-7Henry Ehrenreich · David TurnbullSolid State Physics: Advances in Research and Applications, Vol. 44
1994978-0-12-606048-5Henry Ehrenreich · Frans SpaepenSolid State Physics: Advances in Research and Applications, Vol. 48
1987978-0-12-606101-7Geoffrey J. Huck · Almerindo E. OjedaDiscontinuous Constituency (Syntax and Semantics, Vol. 20)
1988978-0-12-606102-4Wendy WilkinsSyntax and Semantics: Thematic Relations
1989978-0-12-606103-1Stephen R. AndersonStructure and Case Marking in Japanese, Volume 22 (Syntax and Semantics)
1990978-0-12-606104-8Randall Hendrick · Stephen R. AndersonThe Syntax of the Modern Celtic Languages, Volume 23 (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax & Semantics)
  ''978-0-12-606105-5Joan Maling · Stephen R. Anderson · Annie ZaenenModern Icelandic Syntax, Volume 24 (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax & Semantics)
1991978-0-12-606106-2Susan Rothstein · Stephen R. AndersonPerspectives on Phrase Structure: Heads and Licensing, Volume 25: Heads and Licensing (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax and Semantics) (Syntax & Semantics)
1992978-0-12-606107-9Stephen R. Anderson · Eric Wehrli · Tim StowellSyntax and the Lexicon, Volume 26 (Syntax and Semantics)
1999978-0-12-606301-1Author UnknownScipolymer 3.0 (v. 2)
1965978-0-12-606302-8G.H. StewartScience of Ceramics, Proceedings of the Second Conference Held Under the aupices of the British Ceramic Society and the Nederlandse Keramische Vereniging, at Noordwijk Aan Zee, 13-17 May 1963, Volume 2
1999978-0-12-606303-5ScivisionSciqsar (v. 3)
  ''978-0-12-606305-9   ''Sciqsar 2D
  ''978-0-12-606307-3   ''Sciprotein
  ''978-0-12-606311-0   ''Sciglass
  ''978-0-12-606313-4Author UnknownAlchemy 2000 Ver 2.05
  ''978-0-12-606339-4ScivisionIon Fingerprint Detection Software
2000978-0-12-606348-6Qsar Information System