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year of publicationISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-536-91508-5Paul D. LeedyPractical Research
  ''978-0-536-91515-3Thomas W. DownsLessons about the Structure of Finance
2006978-0-536-91676-1O'Connor · Sabato · Haag · KeithGovernment in the 21st. Century Custom Edition (National & Texas Edition)
2005978-0-536-91702-7Robinson Franklin WaylandThe Regulatory Environment of Human Resource Management
  ''978-0-536-91798-0Norman M. ScarboroughEffective Small Business Package
2014978-0-536-91851-2micheal sullivanCollege Algebra Custom Edition for Brigham Young University
2005978-0-536-91903-8BIEBERIs There a Laser in the House? Understanding Your High-Tech Everyday World
  ''978-0-536-91916-8Jane RiceMedical Terminology with Human Anatomy (Custom Edition 2 Volume set)
  ''978-0-536-91924-3Michael SullivanPrecalculus (Custom Edition for University of Florida)
2009978-0-536-92073-7Beginning Algebra Custom Edition for Pensacola Junior College
2008978-0-536-93910-4Applied Statistics
2005978-0-536-94128-2Dennis ChristyESSENTIALS OF ALGEBRA+TRIGONOM
2005978-0-536-94137-4Michael Sullivan · Mark McCombsPrecalculus Student Solutions Manual (7th Edition, 2005)
2004978-0-536-94259-3J. Richard BurkeNetwork Management, Concepts and Practice: A Hands-on Approach
2006978-0-536-94287-6Jeanne Ellis OrmrodFoundations of Education in Psychology ISBN 0536942870 2006 Jeanne Ellis Ormrod
2005978-0-536-94322-4Amy E. BieberHow to Study for Success in Science, Math and Engineering Courses
2006978-0-536-94365-1Teresa Audesirk · Gerald Audesirk · Bruce E. ByersLife on Earth (University of Phoenix Special Edition Series)
  ''978-0-536-94425-2McClave · Boudreau · SincichStatistics (Student Solutions Manual)
  ''978-0-536-94598-3Ricky W. Griffin and Ronald J. EbertBusiness (Eighth Edition) By Ricky W. Griffin and Ronald J. Ebert (CUSTOM VERSION FOR CENTRAL TEXAS
  ''978-0-536-94847-2Slater TobeyBasic College Mathematics with Selected Chapters from Beginning Algebra
1995978-0-536-94985-1Philip Kotler · Karen F. A. FoxStrategic Marketing for Educational Institutions
2005978-0-536-95428-2Margaret Himley & Anne Fitzsimmonscritical encounters with texts finding a place to stand (2nd Ed.)
  ''978-0-536-95642-2Peg SchlairetBio Sleuth
2005978-0-536-95729-0Tim Curry · Robert Jiobu · Kent SchwirianSociology for the Twenty-First Century
  ''978-0-536-95853-2Triola, Weiss Brian K. SaltzerMath 300: Descriptive Statistics - Custom Edition for Strayer University (Strayer University)
2006978-0-536-95866-2Rajeshwari Vijay PandharipandeThe Eternal Self and the Cycle of Samasara (Introduction to Asian Mythology and Religion)
978-0-536-95907-2World Literature: The Longman Anthology, Volume C: The Early Modern Period (Custom Edition for UNLV)
2005978-0-536-96063-4Elaine Nicpon MariebEssentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology
2006978-0-536-96469-4Muriel HarrisThe Academic Writing Guide to Good English
2005978-0-536-96695-7Courtland L. Bovee · John ThillBusiness Communication, Custom Edition
  ''978-0-536-97259-0Ernest F. HaeusslerMathematics of Finance (The Ohio State University Custom Edition Taken from: Introductory Mathematic
2006978-0-536-97283-5Donald GawronskiIntroduction to Arizona History and Government
2005978-0-536-97496-9Pearson Custom PublishingAssociations / Dissociations: The Social Instinct and Its Consequences
  ''978-0-536-97498-3Director Gail K. HartAssociations / Dissociations: The Social Instinct and Its Consequences Humanities Core Course Guide and Writers Handbook
  ''978-0-536-97546-1Texas Tech Univ. The Currriculum Center for Family and Consumer SciencesReaching to Teach Second Custom Edition
2004978-0-536-97558-4Claudia NeuhauserCalculus for Biology and Medicine Custom Second Edition UC Davis
2006978-0-536-97592-8Stuart Hirschberg · Terry Hirschberg · George MillerThe Academic Writing Reader
2006978-0-536-97722-9James D. Lester · Gilbert H. Muller · Harvey S. WienerResearch and Writing
  ''978-0-536-97784-7Courtland and John ThillCommunication for Business and the Professionals
  ''978-0-536-97789-2Stephen ReidThe Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers (For the Students of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, Taken from P. Hall 7th Edition)
  ''978-0-536-98399-2Susan Farmer · Jean-Louise Gustafson · Christine PoziemskiMaking the Grade in College: Learning Strategies for Success
2012978-0-536-98716-7SCHAETZLMichigan Geography and Geology
2006978-0-536-98803-4Randall D. KnightPhysics for Scientists and Engineers - A Strategic Approach, Volume 2 (Washington State University Custom Edition)
2009978-0-536-99242-0Denny, Hofrichter, Jacobs, Rober DaviesJanson's History of Art - The Western Tradition
2008978-0-536-99670-1Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences (3rd Special Edition for DePaul University)