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year of publicationISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-300-03120-1Leo KuperGenocide: Its Political Use in the Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-300-03126-3Dr. Howard ColvinUnbuilt Oxford
  ''978-0-300-03127-0Ruth S. Eissler · Albert J. Solnit · Dr. Peter B. Neubauer M.D.The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child: Volume 38 (The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Se)
  ''978-0-300-03134-8Mark GirouardRobert Smythson and the Elizabethan Country House
1987978-0-300-03143-0McKnight Sumner CrosbyThe Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis from Its Beginnings to the Death of Suger 475-1151 (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
1984978-0-300-03150-8Maurice KeenChivalry
1985978-0-300-03155-3Victor TerrasHandbook of Russian Literature
1984978-0-300-03158-4Norman SusskindThe French Correction: Grammatical Problems for Review and Reference (Yale Language Series) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-300-03159-1Frederick K. ErringtonManners and Meaning in West Sumatra: The Social Context of Consciousness
1984978-0-300-03165-2James Turner JohnsonCan Modern War Be Just?
  ''978-0-300-03171-3Richard BessellPolitical Violence and the Rise of Nazism: The Storm Troopers in Eastern Germany, 1925-1934
1985978-0-300-03173-7Jennifer MontaguAlessandro Algardi
1984978-0-300-03175-1Peter H. MarshallWilliam Godwin
  ''978-0-300-03182-9Arend LijphartDemocracies: Patterns of Majoritarian and Consensus Government in Twenty-One Countries
1985978-0-300-03191-1Howard J. WechslerOfferings of Jade and Silk: Ritual and Symbol in the Legitimation of the T'ang Dynasty
1984978-0-300-03192-8Dr. Roberta Apfel M.D. · Dr. Susan Fisher M.D.To Do No Harm: DES and the Dilemmas of Modern Medicine
  ''978-0-300-03199-7Mark GirouardVictorian Pubs
  ''978-0-300-03207-9Harry HardingChina's Foreign Relations in the 1980s
1984978-0-300-03208-6Dr. Lucjan DobroszyckiThe Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944
1986978-0-300-03212-3Lois BeckThe Qashqa'I of Iran
1985978-0-300-03213-0David LubinAct of Portrayal: Eakins, Sargent, James (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
1984978-0-300-03214-7Hans P. BinswangerContractual Arrangements: Employment and Wages in Rural Labor Markets in Asia (A Publication of the Economic Growth Center, Yale University)
  ''978-0-300-03215-4John ChandosBoys Together: English Public Schools 1800-1864
  ''978-0-300-03222-2Yi-Fu TuanDominance and Affection: The Making of Pets
  ''978-0-300-03223-9Michael PodroThe Critical Historians of Art
1985978-0-300-03233-8Warren Christopher · Paul H. KreisbergAmerican Hostages in Iran: The Conduct of a Crisis (A Council on Foreign Relations Book)
  ''978-0-300-03236-9Richard CorkArt Beyond the Gallery in Early Twentieth-Century England
1984978-0-300-03240-6Michael PodroThe Critical Historians of Art
1984978-0-300-03242-0Michael H. CarrThe Surface of Mars (Planetary Exploration)
  ''978-0-300-03246-8Albert S. LindemannA History of European Socialism
  ''978-0-300-03252-9Robert M. CoverJustice Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process
1985978-0-300-03269-7Bruce KuklickChurchmen and Philosophers: From Jonathan Edwards to John Dewey
1984978-0-300-03273-4Otto F. KernbergSevere Personality Disorders: Psychotherepeutic Strategies
  ''978-0-300-03274-1Belkacem BaccoucheConversations in Modern Standard Arabic (Yale Language Series)
  ''978-0-300-03278-9Robert Fogel · Geoffrey EltonWhich Road to the Past?: Two Views of History
1985978-0-300-03285-7Miriam GriffinNero: The End of a Dynasty
1986978-0-300-03286-4Li XueqinEastern Zhou and Qin Civilizations (Early Chinese Civilization Series)
1986978-0-300-03299-4Alexander M. BickelThe Least Dangerous Branch: The Supreme Court at the Bar of Politics
  ''978-0-300-03303-8Howard M. SpiroDoctors, Patients, and Placebos
  ''978-0-300-03317-5Sheila R. HersteinA Mid-Victorian Feminist, Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
1985978-0-300-03318-2Edwin H. SutherlandWhite Collar Crime: The Uncut Version
  ''978-0-300-03325-0Anestasia ShkilnykA Poison Stronger than Love: The Destruction of an Ojibwa Community
1986978-0-300-03330-4Dan A. OrenJoining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale (The Yale Scene: University Series)
  ''978-0-300-03335-9John A. PintoThe Trevi Fountain
1985978-0-300-03336-6James C. ScottWeapons of the Weak: Everyday Forms of Peasant Resistance
1986978-0-300-03340-3Lynn Margulis · Dorion SaganThe Origins of Sex: Three Billion Years of Genetic Recombination (Bio-Origins Series)
1985978-0-300-03348-9H. B. WhittingtonThe Burgess Shale
1987978-0-300-03354-0Thomas E. CrowPainters and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Paris
1986978-0-300-03355-7Helmut von Erffa · Professor Allen StaleyThe Paintings of Benjamin West (A Barra Foundation book)
1986978-0-300-03360-1Maurice KeenChivalry
  ''978-0-300-03367-0R.Emmet McLaughlinCaspar Schwenckfeld, Reluctant Radical: His Life to 1540 (Yale Historical Publications Series)
  ''978-0-300-03372-4Ellen Handler SpitzArt and Psyche: Study in Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics
1985978-0-300-03389-2Max BeerbohmThe Illustrated Zuleika Dobson
  ''978-0-300-03398-4Professor Paul J. BrackenThe Command and Control of Nuclear Forces
  ''978-0-300-03399-1Cleanth BrooksWilliam Faulkner: First Encounters
1985978-0-300-03405-9Ann Ruth WillnerThe Spellbinders: Charismatic Political Leadership
  ''978-0-300-03406-6Christina LodderRussian Contructivism
  ''978-0-300-03418-9Leo KuperThe Prevention of Genocide
1986978-0-300-03420-2Charles SusskindJanacek and Brod
  ''978-0-300-03466-0Professor Jonathan BrownVelazquez: Painter and Courtier
  ''978-0-300-03467-7Mr. Alan CrawfordC.R. Ashbee: Architect, Designer, and Romantic Socialist
1988978-0-300-03470-7William L. MacDonaldThe Architecture of the Roman Empire: An Urban Appraisal (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
1985978-0-300-03472-1Mr. Mark GirouardThe Victorian Country House
1985978-0-300-03474-5Clive AsletThe Last Country Houses
  ''978-0-300-03481-3John R. StilgoeMetropolitan Corridor: Railroads and the American Scene
  ''978-0-300-03483-7Paul RandPaul Rand: A Designer's Art
1986978-0-300-03487-5Robert Bruce MullinEpiscopal Vision / American Reality: High Church Theology and Social Thought in Evangelical America
1987978-0-300-03493-6David LewinGeneralized Musical Intervals and Transformations
1985978-0-300-03496-7Jaroslav PelikanJesus Through the Centuries: His Place in the History of Culture
  ''978-0-300-03499-8Moojan MomenAn Introduction to Shi'i Islam: History and Doctrines of Twelver Shi'ism
  ''978-0-300-03504-9Gervase Jackson-StopsThe Treasure Houses of Britain: 500 Years of Private Patronage and Art Collecting
1985978-0-300-03506-3Stephen A. BarneyWord-Hoard: An Introduction to Old English Vocabulary, Second Edition (Yale Language Series)
1987978-0-300-03513-1Marcel ProustOn Reading Ruskin
1986978-0-300-03514-8Kim H. KowalkeA New Orpheus: Essays on Kurt Weill
1987978-0-300-03515-5Jonathan W. BernardThe Music of Edgard Varese (Composers of the Twentieth Century)
1986978-0-300-03522-3Martin CherniackThe Hawk's Nest Incident: America's Worst Industrial Disaster
  ''978-0-300-03524-7Alan SoblePornography: Marxism, Feminism, and the Future of Sexuality
1987978-0-300-03531-5Moojan MomenAn Introduction to Shi`i Islam: The History and Doctrines of Twelver Shi`ism
1986978-0-300-03543-8Adolph L. ReedThe Jesse Jackson Phenomenon: The Crisis of Purpose in Afro-American Politics (Yale Fastback)
1988978-0-300-03547-6Norma BroudeThe Macchiaioli: Italian Painters of the Nineteenth Century
1986978-0-300-03548-3D. W. MeinigThe Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History, Volume 1: Atlantic America 1492-1800 (Shaping of America; A Geographical Perspective of 500 Years of History)
  ''978-0-300-03553-7Juan R. I. ColeShi'ism and Social Protest
  ''978-0-300-03578-0K. C. ChangStudies of Shang Archaeology: Selected Papers from the International Conference on Shang Civilization
  ''978-0-300-03579-7Richard F. KitchenerPiaget's Theory of Knowledge: Genetic Epistemology and Scientific Reason
1992978-0-300-03580-3Professor Molly NesbitAtget's Seven Albums (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
1986978-0-300-03581-0John Brinckerhoff JacksonDiscovering the Vernacular Landscape
1986978-0-300-03582-7Mr. David K. WyattThailand: A Short History
  ''978-0-300-03584-1Warren Christopher · etc.American Hostages in Iran: Conduct of a Crisis (A Council on Foreign Relations Book)
  ''978-0-300-03591-9William H. RikerThe Art of Political Manipulation
  ''978-0-300-03592-6William H. RikerThe Art of Political Manipulation
  ''978-0-300-03601-5Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel · Bela GrunbergerFreud or Reich?
1986978-0-300-03609-1Derek JarrettEngland in the Age of Hogarth
  ''978-0-300-03626-8James Turner JohnsonCan Modern War be Just?
  ''978-0-300-03627-5Robert Louis WilkenThe Christians as the Romans Saw Them
  ''978-0-300-03629-9Henry E. AllisonKant's Transcendental Idealism: An Interpretation and Defense
  ''978-0-300-03634-3Norman ZinbergDrug, Set, and Setting: The Basis for Controlled Intoxicant Use
1985978-0-300-03636-7Evelyn Fox KellerReflections on Gender and Science
1986978-0-300-03638-1Jaroslav PelikanThe Vindication of Tradition: The 1983 Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities
1986978-0-300-03639-8Barbara Miller SolomonIn the Company of Educated Women: A History of Women and Higher Education in America
1987978-0-300-03641-1James C. ScottWeapons of the Weak: Everyday Forms of Peasant Resistance
1984978-0-300-03642-8Ramsay MacMullenChristianizing the Roman Empire: A.D. 100-400
1987978-0-300-03655-8Pierre CapretzFrench in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Textbook (Yale Language Series)
1986978-0-300-03664-0Carl Sagan · John E. Mack · J. Bryan Hehir · Stephen Jay Gould · Jerome D. Frank · Erik H. Erikson · Henry Steele CommagerThe Long Darkness: Psychological and Moral Perspectives on Nuclear Winter (Yale Fastback Series)
  ''978-0-300-03669-5Stephen ParksThe Elizabethan Club of Yale University and Its Library (Elizabethan Club Series)
1990978-0-300-03670-1William L. VanceAmericas Rome: Classical Rome
1986978-0-300-03672-5David C. SmithH.G. Wells: Desperately Mortal: A Biography
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1987978-0-300-03684-8Robert D. MorrisComposition With Pitch-Classes: A Theory of Compositional Design
  ''978-0-300-03687-9Jane / Michel, Sonya / Weitz, Margaret Col Higonnet Margaret Randolph / JensonBehind the Lines: Gender and the Two World Wars
1987978-0-300-03691-6Patricia W. RomeroE. Sylvia Pankhurst: Portrait of a Radical
1986978-0-300-03692-3Elizabeth Gilmore HoltFrom the Classicists to the Impressionists: Art and Architecture in the Nineteenth Century (Documentary History of Art)
  ''978-0-300-03695-4Helen A. CooperWinslow Homer Watercolors
1987978-0-300-03696-1Richard GreenThe Sissy Boy Syndrome: The Development of Homosexuality (The Institution for Social and Policy St)
  ''978-0-300-03716-6William H. WorgerSouth Africa's City of Diamonds: Mine Workers and Monopoly Capitalism in Kimberley, 1867-1895 (Yale Historical Publications)
  ''978-0-300-03719-7Michael J. BuckleyAt the Origins of Modern Atheism
  ''978-0-300-03722-7Dr. Kirk VarnedoeGustave Caillebotte
1987978-0-300-03724-1Hernan CortesLetters from Mexico
1986978-0-300-03725-8Jeannie OakesKeeping Track: How Schools Structure Inequality
  ''978-0-300-03726-5Robert ScholesTextual Power: Literary Theory and the Teaching of English
1987978-0-300-03729-6Samuel E. MartinThe Japanese Language Through Time (Yale Language Series)
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  ''978-0-300-03742-5Susan McIntosh LloydThe Putney School: A Progressive Experiment
1987978-0-300-03746-3John Michael KroisCassirer: Symbolic Forms and History
1986978-0-300-03751-7W. MeissnerPsychoanalysis and Religious Experience
  ''978-0-300-03757-9Anne C. RoseTranscendentalism As a Social Movement, 1830-1850
1987978-0-300-03758-6A. W. DePorteEurope Between the Superpowers: The Enduring Balance, Second edition (A Council on Foreign Relations Book Seri)
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1985978-0-300-03763-0Michael BaxandallPatterns of Intention: On the Historical Explanation of Pictures
1987978-0-300-03764-7Thomas CrowPainters and Public Life in Eighteenth-Century Paris
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1986978-0-300-03770-8Kip S. Thorne · Douglas A. MacDonald · Richard H. PriceBlack Holes: The Membrane Paradigm (The Silliman Memorial Lectures Series)
1987978-0-300-03773-9J. Gerald KennedyPoe, Death, and the Life of Writing
1988978-0-300-03775-3Deborah HertzJewish High Society in Old Regime Berlin
1987978-0-300-03782-1K. C. ChangThe Archaeology of Ancient China, Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged
  ''978-0-300-03784-5   ''The Archaeology of Ancient China, Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged
1986978-0-300-03785-2John HouseMonet: Nature into Art
1986978-0-300-03788-3Karen HalttunenConfidence Men and Painted Women: A Study of Middle-class Culture in America, 1830-1870 (Yale Historical Publications, Miscellany)
1987978-0-300-03799-9Hernan CortesHernan Cortes: Letters from Mexico
  ''978-0-300-03801-9Stephen FroshThe Politics of Psychoanalysis: An Introduction to Freudian and Post-Freudian Theory
1986978-0-300-03807-1Catherine LampertRodin: Sculpture and Drawings
1987978-0-300-03818-7E. Digby BaltzellThe Protestant Establishment: Aristocracy and Caste in America (Aristocracy & Caste in America)
  ''978-0-300-03822-4J. Samuel PreusExplaining Religion: Criticism and Theory from Bodin to Freud
1988978-0-300-03827-9Mr. Richard CorkDavid Bomberg
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1987978-0-300-03832-3Catherine LampertRodin: Sculpture and Drawings
  ''978-0-300-03834-7Eleanor Harz Jorden · Mari NodaJapanese: The Spoken Language, Part 1
1987978-0-300-03837-8Chretien de TroyesYvain, The Knight of the Lion
  ''978-0-300-03838-5Chretien de TroyesYvain: The Knight of the Lion
  ''978-0-300-03840-8Frances TustinAutistic Barriers in Neurotic Patients
1988978-0-300-03860-6Professor Moshe IdelKabbalah: New Perspectives
1987978-0-300-03865-1Henry Ashby TurnerThe Two Germanies Since 1945
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1988978-0-300-03875-0David CauteThe Fellow-Travellers: Intellectual Friends of Communism
1988978-0-300-03879-8Johannes WilbertTobacco and Shamanism in South America (Psychoactive Plants of the World)
  ''978-0-300-03882-8D. W. MeinigThe Shaping of America: A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of History, Vol. 1: Atlantic America, 1492-1800 (Paperback)
1987978-0-300-03886-6Jonathan R. DullA Diplomatic History of the American Revolution
1985978-0-300-03889-7EricksenTheologians Under Hitler (Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus and Emanuel Hirsch)
1987978-0-300-03893-4Ralph KirkpatrickInterpreting Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier: A Performer`s Discourse of Method
1988978-0-300-03894-1Jonathan BrownVelázquez: Painter and Courtier
1987978-0-300-03904-7James H. HutsonSupplement to Max Farrand's Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 (v. 5)
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  ''978-0-300-03907-8Carl Van VechtenLetters of Carl Van Vechten
  ''978-0-300-03924-5Lucjan DobroszyckiThe Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944
1987978-0-300-03927-6Wolf LeslauFalasha Anthology (Yale Judaica Series)
1980978-0-300-03929-0Leon NemoyKaraite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature (Yale Judaica Series)
1987978-0-300-03933-7Susan P. ShapiroWayward Capitalists: Targets of the Securities and Exchange Commission (Yale Studies on White-Collar Crime Serie)
  ''978-0-300-03937-5Pierre Capretz · Beatrice Abetti · Thomas Abbate · Frank AbettiFrench in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Workbook, Part 1 (Yale Language Series)
  ''978-0-300-03939-9Pierre Capretz · Barry LydgateFrench in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Study Guide, Part 1 (Yale Language Series)
1989978-0-300-03943-6Claude V. Palisca · Calvin M. BowerFundamentals of Music: Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (Music Theory Translation Series)
  ''978-0-300-03949-8Professor Mary Kilbourne MatossianPoisons of the Past: Molds, Epidemics, and History
1988978-0-300-03950-4Robert J. Sternberg · Michael L. BarnesThe Psychology of Love
1987978-0-300-03951-1Timothy DarvillPrehistoric Britain
1997978-0-300-03952-8Steven HooperThe Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection: Three Volumes
1988978-0-300-03955-9E. N. AndersonThe Food of China
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1987978-0-300-03965-8Mary Roth WalshThe Psychology of Women: Ongoing Debates
1987978-0-300-03968-9Mr. Mark GirouardCities and People: A Social and Architectural History
1988978-0-300-03969-6Oleg GrabarThe Formation of Islamic Art
  ''978-0-300-03974-0J. M. CoetzeeWhite Writing: On the Culture of Letters in South Africa
1989978-0-300-03987-0R.W. FerrierThe Arts of Persia
1987978-0-300-03997-9Helen A. CooperWinslow Homer Watercolors
  ''978-0-300-04001-2Reinhold NiebuhrThe Essential Reinhold Niebuhr: Selected Essays and Addresses
  ''978-0-300-04002-9Fred PineDevelopmental Theory and Clinical Process
1988978-0-300-04005-0Sandra M. Gilbert · Susan GubarNo Man's Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century: The War of the Words
1987978-0-300-04008-1Professor Peter GayA Godless Jew: Freud, Atheism, and the Making of Psychoanalysis
1988978-0-300-04018-0Paula FredriksenFrom Jesus to Christ: The Origins of the New Testament Images of Jesus
1989978-0-300-04020-3Jonathan EdwardsEthical Writings (The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series, Volume 8) (Vol 8)
1984978-0-300-04032-6Barbara Jeanne FieldsSlavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground: Maryland During the Nineteenth Century (Yale Historical Publications Series)
1987978-0-300-04033-3Muriel GardinerCode Name "Mary": Memoirs of an American Women in the Austrian Underground
  ''978-0-300-04036-4Bruce KuklickChurchmen and Philosophers: From Jonathan Edwards to John Dewey
1987978-0-300-04038-8Bonnie G. SmithConfessions of a Concierge: Madame Lucie`s History of Twentieth-Century France
  ''978-0-300-04040-1John van SetersAbraham in History and Tradition