Musical notes by ISMN

Phylloscopus Publications

979-0-57016-108-9Gambaro: Second Quartet in B flat - Score and Parts (Wind Ensemble)
979-0-57016-140-9Vanhal: Sonata No. 1 (2 bassoons)
979-0-57016-150-8Lane: The Lark in the Clear Air (Wind Ensemble)
979-0-57016-160-7Vanhal: Sonata No. 5 (Two playing scores)
979-0-57016-170-6Concerto for oboe d'amore - Piano reduction and part - Chandler
979-0-57016-180-5Arran Sketches : for 2 oboes or cor anglais or bassoon score and partsOwen Swindale
979-0-57016-190-4Hansell: Three Songs (Oboe Duet)
979-0-57016-200-0Pavane by Parfrey (Flute & Piano)
979-0-57016-210-9John Reid Ed: F H Nex and C M M Nex
979-0-57016-220-8Hertel: Concerto No. 1 in B flat Score and Parts - Handel (Chamber)
979-0-57016-230-7Chandler: Sonatina (Cor Anglais & Piano)
979-0-57016-231-4Hansell: Four Antique Dances (Wind Ensemble)
979-0-57016-232-1Hansell: Three Friends (Mixed Woodwind Trio)
979-0-57016-233-8Stanford: Serenade-Nonet Op. 95 (Instrumental parts only) (Mixed Ensemble)Ed: Nex and Nex Stanford
979-0-57016-234-5Stanford: Serenade-Nonet Op. 95 (Score only)Ed: Nex and Nex Stanford
979-0-57016-235-2Elliott: Cobham Hall Suite (Chamber) (Mixed Ensemble)
979-0-57016-236-9Tim KnightTim Knight
979-0-57016-237-6Terzetto op.22 : for oboe,
979-0-57016-238-3Druschetsky: Serenata in E flat - Parts only (Mixed Ensemble)
979-0-57016-239-0Druschetsky: Serenata in E flat - Score only (Mixed Ensemble)
979-0-57016-240-6Gebauer: Trio Concertant Op. 32/1
979-0-57016-241-3Quartet Op. 7 No. 1 in B flat - Score and Parts - Walckiers
979-0-57016-242-0Quartet Op. 7 No. 1 in B flat - Cor anglais in lieu of horn - WalckiersEugène Walckiers
979-0-57016-243-7Sextuor Op. 28 Morceau de Concert - Score and Parts - Rousselot (Chamber)
979-0-57016-244-4Octet Op. 7 - Parts only - Walter (Chamber) (Mixed Ensemble)
979-0-57016-245-1Walter, August: Octet op.7 : for oboe, clarinet, horn en eb, bassoon and string quartet scoreAugust Walter
979-0-57016-246-8Knight: Winter's Rhapsody II for clarinet and strings
979-0-57016-247-5Serenade Op. 102 - Parts only by Berger (Wind Ensemble)
979-0-57016-250-5Alpine Songs - (2 clar playing scores) by Regan (Clarinet Duet)
979-0-57016-251-2Alpine Songs (2 bn playing scores) - Regan (Bassoon Duet)
979-0-57016-260-4Trio no.3 : for 2 oboes and cor anglais score and partsGraham Powning
979-0-57016-261-1Graham Powning: Three English Songs (Oboe Trio)Graham Powning