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Anatomie der Haustiere
978-3-432-29701-91997Keith M. Dyce · Cornelis J. G. Wensing
Anatomy of the Horse. An Illustrated Text
978-3-89993-003-02003Klaus-Dieter Budras · Sabine Röck
Anatomy of the Horse: An Illustrated Text
978-3-87706-620-12001Klaus D Budras · Sabine Röck
Horse Dissection 978-0-9601152-3-51991
Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria/Nomina Histologica/Nomina Embryologica Veterinaria 978-0-9600444-7-41994
Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy 978-0-7216-8966-12002K. M. Dyce · C. J. G. Wensing
Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy 978-0-7216-4961-01995K.M. Dyce · C.G.G. Wensing
Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy: With VETERINARY CONSULT Access 978-1-4160-5375-02007K. M. Dyce · C. J. G. Wensing

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