William Seymour

titleISBN-13year of publication
Battles in Britain978-1-85326-672-01997
Battles in Britain and their political background 1066-1746978-0-283-98534-81979
Battles in Britain: v. 2978-0-283-98273-61976
British Special Forces978-0-283-98873-81985
British Special Forces: The Story of Britain's Undercover Soldiers978-1-84415-362-62006
GREAT SIEGES OF HISTORY978-0-08-037696-71999
Story of History of Algiers 1718-1896978-0-911116-33-51981

W.S. · William C Seymour · William H. Seymour · William J. Seymour · William Joseph Seymour · William S. · William Seymour Tyler · William Wood Seymour

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William Seymour Tyler