William Henry Green

titleISBN-13year of publication
A Grammar of the Hebrew Language:978-1-112-07088-42009
An Elementary Hebrew Grammar: With Reading and Writing Lessons and Vocabularies978-1-112-07090-72009
General Introduction to the Old Testament: The Canon978-1-112-16451-42009
General introduction to the Old Testament: The canon978-0-8010-3755-91980
Moses and the Prophets: The Old Testament in the Jewish Church by Prof. W. Robertson Smith; the Prophets and Prophecy in Israel. by Dr. A. Kuenen; the Prophets of Israel by W. Robertson Smith978-1-142-35914-02010
The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded978-1-142-53491-22010
The Higher Criticism of the Pentateuch: -1895978-1-112-16552-82009
The Pentateuch Vindicated from the Aspersions of Bishop Colenso978-1-141-43217-22010
The unity of the Book of Genesis978-0-8010-3738-21979

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