William Campbell Douglass

titleISBN-13year of publication
Bad Medicine978-9962-636-09-02003
Bad Medicine978-1-885236-00-51994
Eat your cholesterol: How to live off the fat of the land and feel great!978-1-885236-01-21994
Hydrogen Peroxide - Medical Miracle978-9962-636-25-02003
Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle978-1-885236-07-41995
Into the Light-Tomorrow's Medicine Today978-1-877652-01-11992
Into the Light - Tomorrow's Medicine Today!: Tomorrow's Medicine Today978-9962-636-27-42004
The Health Benefits of Tobacco978-9962-636-45-82004
The Joy of Mature Sex and How to be a Better Lover...978-9962-636-48-92003

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William Campbell Douglass II