Wilhelm Wagner

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Asgard and the Gods; the tales and traditions of our Northern ancestors, forming a complete manual of Norse mythology; 978-1-145-62541-9
2010W S. W Anson · M W Macdowall
Medieval Greek texts: being a collection of the earliest compositions in vulgar Greek, prior to the year 1500: Edited, with prolegomena and critical notes,
Romances and Epics of Our Northern Ancestors: Norse, Celt and Teuton 978-1-146-66169-0

Friedrich Wilhelm Wagner · W.W. · W. Wagner · Wilhelm J. Wagner · Wilhelm S. Wagner · Wilhelm Wägner · Wilhelm/Wagner, Renate/Markstein, Barbara [Hrsg.]. Deutschmann


Wilhelm/Wagner, Renate/Markstein, Barbara [Hrsg.]. Deutschmann