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Clone Wars Adventures, Vol. 2
978-1-59307-271-12010Haden Blackman
978-1-59307-553-82006John Ostrander
Panel to Panel: From the Pages of Dark Horse Comics to a Galaxy Far, Far Away
978-1-59307-261-22004Randy Stradley
Star Wars - Clone Wars Adventures: v. 2
978-1-84023-840-22004Matt Fillbach · Shawn Fillbach
Star Wars: Dark Times: Path to Nowhere v. 1
978-1-84576-470-82007Mick Harrison · Douglas Wheatley
Star Wars Dark Times, Tome 1: L'âge sombre 978-2-7560-0961-22007Mick Harrison · Douglas Wheatley · Ronda Pattison
Star Wars: Dark Times, Vol. 1: Path to Nowhere
978-1-59307-792-12008Mick Harrison
Star Wars - Empire: Heart of the Rebellion v. 4
978-1-84576-029-82005Ron Marz · Adriana Melo · Tomas Giorello
Star Wars - Empire: The Imperial Perspective v. 3
978-1-84023-933-12004Jeremy Barlow · Paul Alden · Ron Marz
Star Wars: Empire: Wrong Side of the War v. 7
978-1-84576-457-92007Davide Fabbri · Christian Dalla Vecchia
Star Wars Omnibus: The Other Sons of Tatooine
978-1-59582-866-82012Jeremy Barlow · Mike W. Barr · Paul Chadwick · Michael A. Stackpole · Rob Williams
Star Wars Rébellion, Tome 1: Jusqu'au dernier ! 978-2-7560-0816-52007Davidé Fabbri · Christian Dalla Vecchia
Star Wars Rébellion, Tome 3: Du mauvais côté 978-2-7560-1280-32008Davidé Fabbri
Star Wars Sonderband 25, Imperium - Das Herz der Rebellion
978-3-8332-1201-72005Ron Marz · Judd Winick
Star Wars Sonderband 31, Klonkriege VIII - Der unsichtbare Feind
978-3-8332-1351-92006John Ostrander
Star Wars Sonderband 32, Imperium - Auf der falschen Seite des Krieges
Star Wars Sonderband 65: Dark Times I - Der Weg ins Nichts
978-3-86201-113-12011Mick Harrison
Star Wars - The Clone Wars: Endgame
978-1-84576-338-12006John Ostrander · Jan Duursema
The Imperial Perspective
978-1-59307-128-82004Paul Alden · Jeremy Barlow
The Wrong Side of the War

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