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An Autobibliography by John CaiusHardcover
Ancient MedicinePaperback
Ancient Medicine   "
Ancient MedicineHardcover
Aristoteles - Werk und Wirkung: Kommentierung, Überlieferung, Nachleben: Paul Moraux Zum 65: Geburtstag Gewidmet: 2 Bande: Band 2: Kommentierung, Uberlieferung, NachlebenGebunden
978-3-11-010976-41987H. J. Lulofs · Jutta Kollesch · Jürgen Wiesner
From Democedes to Harvey: Studies in the History of MedicineHardcover
Galen: On Problematical MovementsPaperback
Galen: On Problematical MovementsHardcover
978-0-521-11549-02011Gerrit Bos
Galen: Psychological Writings: Avoiding Distress, Character Traits, The Diagnosis and Treatment of the Affections and Errors Peculiar to Each Person's ... of the Body   "
978-0-521-76517-62014P. N. Singer · Daniel Davies
Principles of Anatomy according to the Opinion of Galen by Johann Guinter and Andreas Vesalius   "
The History of Medical Education in BritainPaperback 978-90-5183-611-01995Roy Porter
The Western Medical Tradition 2 Volume Paperback Set   "
978-0-521-67807-02009W. F. Bynum · Anne Hardy · Stephen Jacyna · Christopher Lawrence · E. M. Tansey · Lawrence I. Conrad · Michael Neve
The Western Medical Tradition 800 BC to 1800 ADHardcover
978-0-521-48034-5Lawrence Conrad · Michael Neve · Roy S. Porter · Andrew Wear
The Western Medical Tradition: 800 BC to AD 1800: 800 BC-1800 AD   "
978-0-521-38135-21995Lawrence I. Conrad · Michael Neve · Roy Porter · Andrew Wear
The Western Medical Tradition: 800 BC to AD 1800: 800 BC-1800 ADPaperback
978-0-521-47564-81995Lawrence I. Conrad · Michael Neve · Roy Porter · Andrew Wear

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