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Airmobility 1961-1971978-1-78039-237-02011John J. Tolson
Allied Participation in Vietnam978-1-78039-238-72011Stanley R. Larson · James L. Collins
Anesthesia and Perioperative Care of the Combat Casualty978-99956-824-2-21995
AR 600-37: Unfavorable Information - Scholar's Choice Edition978-1-296-05443-42015
Base Development in South Vietnam, 1965-1970978-1-78039-239-42011Carroll H. Dunn
Cedar Falls-Junction City: A Turning Point978-1-78039-240-02011Bernard William Rogers
Division-Level Communication 1962-1973978-1-78039-242-42011Charles R. Myer
Field Artillery, 1954-1973978-1-78039-243-12011David E. Ott
Law at War: Vietnam 1964-1973978-1-78039-244-82011George S. Prugh
Logistic Support978-1-78039-245-52011Joseph M. Heiser
Mounted Combat in Vietnam978-1-78039-246-22011Don A. Starry
Riverine Operations 1966-1969978-1-78039-247-92011William B. Fulton
The Development and Training of the South Vietnamese Army 1950-1972978-1-78039-241-72011James L. Collins
The My Lai Massacre and Its Cover-Up: Beyond the Reach of Law978-0-02-912240-21976Joseph Goldstein · William R. Peers · Burke Marshall · Jack Schwartz
The Occupation of Mexico May 1846-July 1848978-1-5078-5803-52015
The War in the Northern Provinces 1966-1968978-1-78039-248-62011Willard Pearson
TM 9-237 Welding Theory and Application978-1-5496-2131-42017

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