Ulrike Gut

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Bilingual Acquisition of Intonation: A Study of Children Speaking German and English 978-3-484-30424-62000
Introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology 978-3-631-56615-22009
Non-Native Prosody: Phonetic Description and Teaching Practice 978-3-11-019524-82007Jürgen Trouvain
Non-native Speech: A Corpus-based Analysis of Phonological and Phonetic Properties of L2 English and German 978-3-631-59115-42009
The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology
978-0-19-957193-22014Jacques Durand · Gjert Kristoffersen
Universal or Diverse Paths to English Phonology 978-3-11-034609-12015Robert Fuchs · Eva-Maria Wunder

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