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Cambyses King of Persia 978-1-112-59096-22010
From Lambs to Lions: Future Security Relationships in a World of Biological and Nuclear Weapons 978-0-7425-5502-02007
Introduction to Political Psychology: 2nd Edition 978-1-84872-882-02010Martha L. Cottam · Beth Dietz-Uhler · Elena Mastors
Introduction to Political Psychology 978-0-8058-3770-42004Martha L. Cottam · Elena Mastors · Beth Dietz
Pandora's Trap: Presidential Decision Making and Blame Avoidance in Vietnam and Iraq 978-0-7425-6263-92011
Privy Council Appeals: A Manual Showing the Practice and Procedure in Colonial and Indian Appeals 978-0-469-61166-52019
Samurai-Geist: Der Weg eines Kriegers in den japanischen Kampfkünsten
The President and His Inner Circle 978-0-231-11621-32001

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