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Breaking the Rules in Graphic DesignGebunden 978-3-910052-68-01995
Breaking the Rules in Graphic DesignTaschenbuch 978-3-931884-00-01995
Business Stationery Graphics: Letterheads, Business Cards and Other Business Stationery Systems v. 2: An International Collection of Business for an Effective Visual IdentityGebunden 978-3-910052-37-61993
Design Wise  " 978-3-910052-97-01997
Food Wrap: Packages That Sell  " 978-3-910052-78-91996Steven Heller · Anne Fink
Great Design Using 1, 2 and 3 Colors  " 978-3-910052-16-11992
Innovative Low Budget Design: Today More Than Ever, We Must Stretch the Design Dollar, Be Creative, and Get Down to the Nuts and Bolts of DesignHardcover
More Great Design Using 1, 2 and 3 ColorsGebunden 978-3-910052-52-91994
NewTypo Graphics: The New Faces of Contemporary Typography  " 978-3-910052-32-11993
Right Portfolio for the Right JobTaschenbuch 978-3-910052-48-21994
World-Class DesignHardcover


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