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Arguing Across the Disciplines: A Rhetoric and ReaderPaperback978-0-321-41925-52006Terry Hirschberg
Discovering the Many Worlds of Literature: Literature for Composition   "978-0-321-10212-62003   "
Essential Strategies of Argument   "978-0-205-17424-91996
Every Day, Everywhere: Global Perspectives on Popular Culture   "978-0-7674-1170-72002Terry Hirschberg
Exam CopyTaschenbuch978-0-321-19844-02004   "
First Person SingularPaperback978-0-205-19981-51996   "
Instructor's ManualTaschenbuch978-0-321-18792-52004   "
Instructor's ManualPaperback978-0-321-20234-52004 Terry Hirschberg
Instructors ManualTaschenbuch978-0-205-32645-72001
Instructor's Manual for One World, Many Cultures, 7/EPaperback978-0-205-60546-02009
Instructor's Manual for "Reflections on Language"   "978-0-19-513200-71999Terry Hirschberg
Millennium Reader, The: Brief Edition   "978-0-13-454217-11997   "
Millennium Reader, The, Little, Brown Compact Handbook with Exercises, The, and NEW MyWritingLab with Pearson eText   "978-0-321-90847-62012   "
Myth in the Poetry of Ted Hughes: A Guide to the PoemsHardcover978-0-06-492883-01980
New Millennium Reader, ThePaperback978-0-13-191849-82005Terry Hirschberg
New Millennium Reader Value Pack   "978-0-13-236651-92007   "
One World, Many Cultures, 8th Edition   "978-0-205-80110-72011   "
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-321-94516-72014   "
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-205-60545-32008   "
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-321-35564-52005   "
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-205-31841-42000   "
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-205-26777-41997   "
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-02-354781-21995
One World, Many Cultures   "978-0-02-354775-11992
ONE WORLD MANY CULTURES & MYCOMPLAB NEW SAC   "978-0-205-17916-92012Terry Hirschberg
One World Many Cultures, Books a la Carte EditionLoose Leaf978-0-321-99646-62015   "
One World, Many Cultures, Fifth EditionPaperback978-0-321-16401-82003   "
One World, Many Cultures Plus MyLab Writing -- Access Card PackageHardcover978-0-13-394734-22014   "
One World Many Cultures Plus MyWritingLab -- Access Card PackagePaperback978-0-321-99314-42014   "
One World, Many Cultures with NEW MyCompLab -- Access Card Package   "978-0-321-88170-02013   "
Past To Present&Ref Gd&Acc Crd&Dict Pkg   "978-0-13-121258-92009   "
Past to Present: Ideas That Changed Our World   "978-0-13-097948-32002   "
Patterns Across Cultures   "978-1-133-31107-22013   "
Patterns Across Cultures   "978-0-618-86680-92007   "
Patterns Across the Disciplines   "978-0-02-354771-31988
Reflections on Language   "978-0-19-512044-81999Terry Hirschberg
Strategies of Argument   "978-0-205-17425-61996
Strategies of Argument   "978-0-02-354773-71990
The Academic Writing Reader   "978-0-536-97592-82006Terry Hirschberg · George Miller
The many worlds of literature   "978-0-536-60939-72000
The Many Worlds of Literature   "978-0-02-355082-91994
The Millennium Reader   "978-0-13-601738-72008Terry Hirschberg
The New Millennium Reader   "978-0-13-097991-92002   "
The New Millennium Reader   "978-0-13-012099-11999   "

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Stuart Hirschberg and Terry Hirschberg