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AutoCAD 2006 in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2006978-0-13-171401-42007Christine Ethier
AutoCAD for Success Using AutoCAD 2000 and AutoCAD 2000i978-0-13-085349-32001Christine A. Ethier
AutoCAD in 3 Dimensions Using AutoCAD 2005978-0-13-152562-72004   "
AutoCAD in Three Dimensions978-0-02-334232-51993
Autocad Transition from 12 to 13978-0-13-754755-51997Stephen J. Ethier · Christine A. Ethier · Christine Ethier
Autodesk 3ds Max in Motion: Basics Using 3ds Max 7.5978-0-13-188637-72005Christine Ethier
Autodesk VIZ 2006 Fundamentals978-0-13-048480-22006Christine A. Ethier
Companion Website - Ethier978-0-13-087604-12002
Instant AutoCAD: 3D Modeling Using AutoCAD 2004978-0-13-112061-72004Christine A. Ethier
Instant Design: Fundamentals of Autodesk Inventor 10978-0-13-171393-22005   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-016235-92005
Instructors Manual978-0-13-098407-42003
Instructors Manual978-0-13-098408-12003
Instructors Manual978-0-13-016232-82002
Instructors Manual978-0-13-087329-32002Christine Ethier
Instructors Manual978-0-13-016174-12001
Instructors Manual978-0-13-020537-72001Christine Ethier
Instructors Manual978-0-13-028792-22001   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-031172-62001   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-031560-12001   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-086793-32000   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-048491-8   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-097686-4   "
Instructors Manual978-0-13-098406-7
Instructors Manual with Powerpoint CD-Rom978-0-13-094688-1Christine Ethier


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