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titleISBN-13year of publication
As America Grew Dimensions in Reading a Kit978-0-574-34550-91976
How America Began an Educational Kit978-0-574-34500-41976
Language Skills 4 an Activity Approach978-0-574-42122-71981
Reading Mastery, Level III: A Direct Instruction Program - Student Workbook Set978-99944-79-01-61980
Readings in Mathematical Social Science978-0-262-62010-91968
Remarkable Math: Computation 1978-0-574-41118-11985
Remarkable Math: Computation 2978-0-574-41126-61985
Take Home Book A: Take-Home Workbooks978-99944-79-04-71980
The English Book 5 a Complete Course978-0-574-42090-91982
The national guidance handbook: A guide to vocational education programs978-0-574-51100-31975
Word Skill 4 Instrcutor's Manual978-0-574-42051-01979

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Science Research Associates: A Division of IBM