Ruwantissa Abeyratne

Dr Ruwantissa Abeyratne · R. A. · Ruwantissa I.R. Abeyratne

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TitelArt ISBN-13Erscheinungsjahr
Aeronomics and Law: Fixing AnomaliesGebunden 978-3-642-28944-62012
Air Navigation LawTaschenbuch 978-3-642-44514-92014
Air Navigation LawGebunden 978-3-642-25834-32012
Aviation and Climate Change: In Search of a Global Market Based MeasureTaschenbuch 978-3-319-08442-82014
Aviation and International Cooperation: Human and Public Policy IssuesGebunden 978-3-319-17021-32015
Aviation in CrisisHardcover
Aviation Security LawGebunden 978-3-642-11701-52010
Aviation Trends in the New MillenniumHardcover
Competition and Investment in Air Transport: Legal and Economic IssuesGebunden 978-3-319-24371-92015
Convention on International Civil Aviation: A CommentaryTaschenbuch 978-3-319-03351-82015
Convention on International Civil Aviation: A CommentaryGebunden 978-3-319-00067-12013
Law and Regulation of Aerodromes  " 978-3-319-04779-92014
Law and Regulation of Air Cargo  " 978-3-319-92488-52018
Legal Priorities in Air Transport  " 978-3-030-18390-52019
Regulation of Air Transport: The Slumbering Sentinels  " 978-3-319-01040-32013
Regulation of Commercial Space Transport: The Astrocizing of ICAOTaschenbuch 978-3-319-12924-22014
Rulemaking in Air Transport: A Deconstructive AnalysisGebunden 978-3-319-44656-12016
Space Security Law  " 978-3-642-16701-02011
Strategic Issues in Air Transport: Legal, Economic and Technical AspectsTaschenbuch 978-3-642-42908-82014
Strategic Issues in Air Transport: Legal, Economic and Technical AspectsGebunden 978-3-642-21959-72012


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