Rosmarie Waldrop

Rosemarie Wildermuth

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Against Language?: "Dissatisfaction With Language" as Theme and as Impulse Towards Experiments in Twentieth Century Poetry
A Geometry 978-1-886224-31-51998Anne-Marie Albiach · Keith Waldrop
Curves to the Apple: The Reproduction of Profiles, Lawn of Excluded Middle, Reluctant Gravities 978-0-8112-1673-92006
Driven to Abstraction 978-0-8112-1879-52010
Gap Gardening: Selected Poems 978-0-8112-2514-42016
Ins Abstrakte treiben
Lavish Absence: Recalling and Rereading Edmond Jabès 978-0-8195-6580-82003
Many Glove Compartments: Selected Poems 978-1-886224-44-52001Oskar Pastior · Harry Mathews · Christopher Middleton
Reft and Light: Poems by Ernst Jandl With Multiple Versions by American Poets 978-1-886224-34-62000Ernst Jandl
When They Have Senses: Poems 978-0-930900-89-21980

Burning Deck · De Gruyter · Edition Korrespondenzen · New Directions · Wesleyan University Press


Rosmarie Wank-Nolasco Lamas