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Advances in Lipid Research: Sphingolipids, Part A: Functions and Breakdown Products978-0-12-024925-11993Alfred H., Jr. Merrill
Advances in Lipid Research: Sphingolipids, Part B: Regulation and Function of Metabolism978-0-12-024926-81993   "
Defining Infants' Race and Ethnicity in a Study of Very Low Birthweight Infants/Mr-191-Ahcpr978-0-8330-1414-61993Donna O. Farley · Toni Richards
The Role of Professional Background, Case Characteristics, and Protective Agency Response in Mandated Child Abuse Reporting, January 1990/R-3825-Hhs978-0-8330-0999-91990Gail L. Zellman
Treatment Effects in the National Preventive Dentistry Demonstration Program978-0-8330-0514-41984

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