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Astonishing ThorPaperback978-0-7851-4877-72012
Astonishing Thor, Vol. 1, No. 5Hardcover978-0-7851-4876-02011
Codename Knockout: Devil You SayPaperback978-1-84856-878-52010
Elektra Volume 4: Frenzy TPBUnbound978-0-7851-1398-02004
Journey into Mystery by Kieron Gillen: The Complete Collection Volume 1Paperback978-0-7851-8557-42014Kieron Gillen
Journey Into Mystery: Fear Itself FalloutHardcover978-0-7851-5261-32012   "
Journey into Mystery, Vol. 2: Fear Itself FalloutPaperback978-0-7851-5262-02012   "
The Mighty Thor: Loki   "978-0-7851-2891-52007
The Mighty Thor: Loki HCHardcover978-0-7851-1652-32005
Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers   "978-0-7851-4968-22011
Thor: For AsgardPaperback978-0-7851-4428-12011Simone Bianchi
Thor: For AsgardHardcover978-0-7851-4445-82011
Thor: The Deviants SagaPaperback978-0-7851-6306-02012

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