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Active Nudists: Naked Living at Home and in Public
Intellect Trust Oneself and Others 978-0-521-03910-92008
Intellectual Trust in Oneself and Others 978-0-521-79308-72001
Naked Hiking 978-0-9572432-2-42014
Perl Debugger Pocket Reference 978-0-596-00503-02004
Pro Perl Debugging 978-1-59059-454-42005Andy Lester
Randonue 978-0-9572432-7-92016
RT Essentials: Managing Your Team and Projects with Request Tracker 978-0-596-00668-62005Jesse Vincent · Robert Spier · Dave Rolsky · Darren Chamberlain
The World Naked Bike Ride 978-0-9572432-0-02012
When Is True Belief Knowledge? 978-0-691-15472-52012
Working Without a Net: A Study of Egocentric Epistemology 978-0-19-507699-82000

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