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Acts of Aggression
978-1-58322-005-41999Noam Chomsky · Edward W. Said
Bomben auf Bagdad - nicht in unserem Namen
978-3-89706-888-92003Uri Avnery · Bernhard Graefrath · Hans von Sponeck · Norman Paech
Chambers v. Mississippi U.S. Supreme Court Transcript of Record with Supporting Pleadings
978-1-270-62013-62011Additional Contributors
Crime and Justice
Crime in America
Iraq Mein America Ke Jangi Juraim 978-969-8455-13-22004
La Loi du plus fort: Mise au pas des Etats voyous 978-2-84261-347-12002Noam Chomsky · Edward W. Said
Search and Destroy: A Report
978-0-06-010828-11973Roy Wilkins
Spitz And Fisher's Medicolegal Investigation Of Death: Guidelines For The Application Of Pathology To Crime Investigation
978-0-398-07544-62006Werner U., M.D. Spitz · Daniel J., M.D. Spitz · Russell S. Fisher
The Defense Speaks: For History and the Future
978-0-9747521-2-92006Slobodan Milosevic
The Fire This Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf
The Torturer in the Mirror
978-1-58322-913-22010Thomas Ehrlich Reifer · Haifa Zangana
The Torturer in the Mirror
War Crimes: A Report on U.S. War Crimes Against Iraq
Wüstensturm -- US Kriegsverbrechen am Golf
Wüstensturm. US- Kriegsverbrechen am Golf

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