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Avengers: Heavy Metal978-0-7851-8452-22013Roger Stern · Walter Simonson
Avengers/X-men: Bloodties978-0-7851-0103-11995
Black Widow: Web of Intrigue978-0-7851-4474-82010George Perez · Gerry Conway · Bob Layton · Paul Gulacy · George Freeman
Classic Transformers 6978-1-60010-672-92010Simon Furman · Bob Budiansky
Classic Transformers Volume 3978-1-60010-346-92009Bob Budiansky · Steve Parkhouse
Daredevil - Fall from Grace978-0-7851-0024-91994D. G. Chichester · Scott McDaniel
Doctor Strange, Vol. 4978-0-7851-3062-82009Roger Stern · Marshall Rogers · Chris Claremont · Bill Kunkel · David Michelinie · J.M. Dematteis · Gardner Fox
Essential Man-Thing - Volume 2978-0-7851-3066-62008Steve Gerber · Michael Fleisher · Chris Claremont · J.M. DeMatteis
Essential Marvel Team-Up Volume 3 TPB978-0-7851-3068-02009Gerry Conway · Bill Mantlo · Chris Claremont · Bill Kunkel · Gary Friedrich · Bonnie Wilford · John Warner
Essential Marvel Two-In-One, Vol. 2978-0-7851-2698-02007Marv Wolfman · Roger Slifer · Tom Defalco · David Kraft · Bill Mantlo · Mary Jo Duffy · Steven Grant
Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Vol. 2978-0-7851-2042-12006Bill Mantlo · Tom Defalco · Roger Stern · Marv Wolfman · Tony Isabella · David Kraft
Essential X-Factor Volume 4978-0-7851-6285-82012Louise Simonson · Peter David · John Byrne
Fantastic Four Visionaries - George Perez, Vol. 2978-0-7851-2060-52006Len Wein · Roger Stern · Marv Wolfman · Doug Moench · Mark Gruenwald
Impossible Man978-0-7851-5520-12011Stan Lee · Roy Thomas · Mark Gruenwald
Independence Day978-0-7851-0226-71996Dean Devlin · Roland Emmerich · Phil Crane
Independence Day: The Original Movie Adaptation978-1-78585-335-72016Phil Crain
Iron Man Epic Collection: The Enemy Within978-0-7851-8787-52013Denny O'Neil · Roger McKenzie · Peter B. Gillis
Kiss: Greatest Hits Volume 1978-1-61377-226-32012Stan Lee
La veuve noire - marvel fanfare - N° 1978-2-7346-0343-61983
The Chronicles Of Solomon Kane978-1-59582-410-32009Roy Thomas
The Thing978-0-7851-3069-72009Mark Gruenwald · Marv Wolfman · Steven Grant · Tom Defalco
The Thing: Project Pegasus978-0-7851-3811-22010Mark Gruenwald
The Ultimates, Vol. 1978-0-7851-1082-82006Mark Millar
The X-Men Adventures978-0-7851-0006-51993
Thing: The Serpent Crown Affair978-0-7851-5761-82012Mark Gruenwald
Thor Epic Collection: A Kingdom Lost978-0-7851-8862-92014Doug Moench · Mark Gruenwald · Bill Mantlo
Thor: The Eternals Saga, Vol. 2978-0-7851-2405-42007Roy Thomas · Mark Gruenwald · Keith Pollard
Tomb of Dracula - Volume 3978-0-7851-3578-42011Marv Wolfman · Jim Shooter · Roger McKenzie · Lynn Graeme · Peter Gillis · Gary Friedrich · Gerry Conway
Transformers: Beginnings978-1-84023-642-22003Jose Delbo · Jim Salicrup · Bob Budiansky
Transformers Classics Volume 1 TP978-1-60010-935-52011Bob Budiansky · Bill Mantlo · Jim Salicrup
Transformers Classics Volume 4978-1-61377-497-72012Bob Budiansky
Transformers, Vol. 1: Beginnings978-1-84023-623-12003Jim Salicrup · Bob Budiansky · et al
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 10: Hollywood978-0-7851-1402-42006Brian Michael Bendis
What if?: Classic - Volume 4978-0-7851-2738-32007Bill Mantlo · Don Glut · Peter Gillis · Tony Isabella · Mike W. Barr · Mark Gruenwald
Wolverine978-0-7851-3077-22008Larry Hama · Aaron Loeb · Joe Kelly
X-Man: Dance with the Devil978-0-7851-6289-62013Terry Kavanagh · Tom Defalco
X-Men Adventures: Captive Hearts/Slave Island978-0-7851-0028-71994
X-Men Adventures: Days of Future Part and Final Conflict978-0-7851-0113-01995Jeff Albrecht · Nick Napalitano
X-Men Adventures: The Irresistible Force, the Muir Island Saga978-0-7851-0044-71994
X-Men: The Complete Age of Apocalypse Epic, Book 1978-0-7851-1714-82006Scott Lobdell · John Francis Moore · Brian K. Vaughan · Howard Mackie · Terry Kavanagh · Judd Winick

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