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Able Muse AnthologyPaperback978-0-9865338-0-82010Alexander Pepple · Timothy Steele · X. J. Kennedy · A.E. Stallings · Mark Jarman · Turner Cassity · Rhina P. Espaillat
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Contemporary American PoetryPaperback978-0-321-18282-12004April Lindner
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CourseCompass Content   "978-0-321-10509-72002Dana Gioia
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CourseCompass Content : Pocket Anthology Cc C   "978-0-321-10523-32002
CourseCompass Student Access Code CardPaperback978-0-321-10511-02001Dana Gioia
CourseCompass Student Access Code Card   "978-0-321-10514-12001   "
Drama: A Longman Pocket Anthology   "978-0-06-501462-41997
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Drama: A Pocket Anthology Plus NEW MyLiteratureLab -- Access Card Package   "978-0-13-403878-02014
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Fiction: A Pocket Anthology, Second Canadian Edition Plus NEW MyLiteratureLab -- Access Card PackageMisc. Supplies978-0-321-95150-22013Wanda Campbell
Fiction: A Pocket Anthology, Second Canadian Edition with MyLiteratureLab   "978-0-321-69005-02009   "
Fiction Pocket Anthology with NEW MyLab Literature -- Access Card PackagePaperback978-0-13-408960-72014
Fiction Pocket Anthology with NEW MyLiteratureLab -- Access Card Package   "978-0-321-88234-92012
Inside Literature: Reading, Responding, Arguing   "978-0-321-43874-42006Steven J. Zani
Lewis Turco and His Work: A CelebrationHardcover978-0-9651835-9-82004Steven Swerdfeger · Mary Doll
Literature: A Pocket AnthologyPaperback978-0-321-94274-62014
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Literature: A Pocket Anthology, Second Canadian Edition Plus NEW MyLiteratureLab -- Access Card Package   "978-0-321-95151-92013   "
Longman Anthology of Short Fiction, Compact Edition, The: Stories and Authors in ContextPaperback978-0-321-08326-52000Dana Gioia
New Expansive Poetry   "978-1-885266-69-91999
Pale Fire: A Poem in Four Cantos by John ShadeHardcover978-1-58423-431-92011Vladimir Nabokov
Poetry: A Harpercollins Pocket AnthologyPaperback978-0-06-501463-11993
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The Art of the Short StoryPaperback978-0-321-33722-12005Dana Gioia
The Art of the Short Story   "978-0-321-36363-32005   "
The Longman Anthology of Short Fiction: Stories and Authors in Context   "978-0-8013-3159-62000   "
The Longman Masters of Short Fiction   "978-0-321-08900-72001   "

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