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2004 Physicians' Desk Reference with PDR Electronic Library on CD-RomHardcover978-1-56363-472-72003
2004 Red Book: Pharmacy's Fundamental ReferencePaperback978-1-56363-481-92004
2005 Physicians' Desk ReferenceHardcover978-1-56363-497-02005pdr-staff-pdr-staff-editor
2005 Redbook: Pharmacy's Fundamental ReferencePaperback978-1-56363-509-02005Red Book
2006 Redbook: Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference   "978-1-56363-537-32006
2007 Redbook   "978-1-56363-573-12007
2011 PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook   "978-1-56363-782-72010
2015 PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook   "978-1-56363-828-22014
2015 Physicians' Desk Reference, 69th EditionHardcover978-1-56363-830-52014
2015 Physicians' Desk Reference, 69th Edition   "978-1-56363-831-22014
2016 PDR Nurse's Drug HandbookPaperback978-1-56363-833-62015
2016 Physicians' Desk Reference, 70th EditionHardcover978-1-56363-834-32015
2016 Physicians' Desk Reference, 70th Edition (Boxed)   "978-1-56363-835-02015
2017 PDR Drug Information HandbookPaperback978-1-56363-837-42016
2017 Physicians' Desk Reference 71st EditionHardcover978-1-56363-838-12016
2017 Physicians' Desk Reference 71st Edition (Boxed)   "978-1-56363-839-82016
2018 PDR Drug Information HandbookPaperback978-1-56363-842-82017
Advice for the Patient: Drug Information in Lay LanguageHardcover978-1-56363-540-32005
Approved Drug Products And Legal Requirements   "978-1-56363-576-22006
Approved Drug Products And Legal Requirements   "978-1-56363-541-02005
Contraceptive Technology   "978-1-59708-002-62008
Diccionario De Especialidades Farmaceuticas 2007 Tomo 1+ 2Paperback978-968-5887-92-22007
Drug Information for the Health Care Professional 2007Hardcover978-1-56363-574-82006
Drug Information for the Health Care Professional   "978-1-56363-539-72005
PDR 2006 Supplements A & BGebunden978-1-56363-536-62006
PDR 2007: Guide to Drug Interactions, Side Effects And IndicationsHardcover978-1-56363-581-62006
PDR Brand/Generic Reference Pocket GuidePaperback978-1-56363-683-72007
PDR Concise Drug Guide for Pediatrics   "978-1-56363-676-92007
PDR Consumer Guide to Prescription Drugs   "978-1-56363-793-32011
PDR Drug Guide for Mental Health Professionals, 3rd ed.   "978-1-56363-679-02007
PDR Drug Guide for Mental Health Professionals   "978-1-56363-457-42002
PDR Drug Interactions Pocket Guide   "978-1-56363-684-42007
Pdr Electronic Library 2005: the Physician's Most Trusted Prescribing ResourceCD-ROM978-1-56363-499-42005
PDR Electronic Library 2007   "978-1-56363-584-72006
PDR Electronic Library on CD-ROM 2010   "978-1-56363-767-42011
PDR Electronic Library on CD-Rom   "978-1-56363-788-92011
PDR for Herbal Medicines, Third EditionHardcover978-1-56363-512-02004Joerg Gruenwald · Medical Economics
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, 33rd Edition   "978-1-56363-797-12012
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs 2013   "978-1-56363-812-12013
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs 2014   "978-1-56363-827-52014
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs 2007   "978-1-56363-570-02006
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs, 2008   "978-1-56363-662-22007
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs 2010   "978-1-56363-750-62009
PDR for Nonprescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements, and Herbs 2011   "978-1-56363-784-12011
PDR for Ophthalmic Medicines, 2003   "978-1-56363-444-42002
PDR for Ophthalmic Medicines, 2008   "978-1-56363-663-92007
PDR for Ophthalmic Medicines 2011Calendar978-1-56363-785-82010Douglas J Rhee · Christopher J. Rapuano · George N. Papaliodos · F.W. Fraunfelder
PDR for Ophthalmic Medicines 2012Hardcover978-1-56363-796-42011
PDR for Ophthalmic Medicines 2013Taschenbuch978-1-56363-810-72014
PDR Guide to Drug Interactions, Side Effects, and Indications, 2008Hardcover978-1-56363-664-62007
PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook 2012Paperback978-1-56363-790-22011
PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook 2013   "978-1-56363-806-02012
PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook 2017   "978-1-56363-836-72016
PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook 2018   "978-1-56363-841-12017
PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook   "978-1-56363-816-92013
PDR Nurse's Drug Handbook   "978-1-56363-665-32007Delmar
PDR Pharmacopoeia Pocket Dosing Guide 2008   "978-1-56363-667-72007
PDR Pharmacopoeia Pocket Dosing Guide 2011   "978-1-56363-786-52010
PDR Pharmacopoeia Pocket Dosing Guide 2012   "978-1-56363-799-52011
PDR Pharmacopoeia Pocket Dosing Guide 2013   "978-1-56363-811-42012
PDR Pharmacopoeia Pocket Dosing Guide 2014   "978-1-56363-821-3
PDR: Physicians Desk Reference 2010Hardcover978-1-56363-748-32009
PDR Supplement A 2005: Physicians' Desk ReferencePaperback978-1-56363-506-92005
PDR Supplements, 2008   "978-1-56363-668-42008
Physicians' Desk Reference, 66th EditionHardcover978-1-56363-800-82011
Physicians' Desk Reference, 66th Edition   "978-1-56363-807-72011
Physicians Desk Reference 1993   "978-1-56363-015-61993
Physicians Desk Reference 2003 With Physicians Desk Reference Family Guide   "978-1-56363-446-82002
Physicians' Desk Reference 2004: SupplementPaperback978-1-56363-473-42004
Physicians' Desk Reference 2004: Supplement   "978-1-56363-474-12004
Physicians' Desk Reference 2004: Supplement   "978-1-56363-475-82004
Physicians Desk Reference 2005: Supplement B   "978-1-56363-507-62005
Physicians' Desk Reference 2007Library Binding978-1-56363-568-72006
Physicians' Desk Reference 2007 for Ophthalmic MedicinesHardcover978-1-56363-572-42006
Physicians Desk Reference 2007 SupplementPaperback978-1-56363-600-42007
Physicians Desk Reference 2007, Supplement A   "978-1-56363-598-42007
Physicians Desk Reference 2007: Supplement B   "978-1-56363-599-12007
Physicians' Desk Reference, 2008Hardcover978-1-56363-661-52007
Physicians Desk Reference 2008: Hospital/Library Version   "978-1-56363-660-82007
Physicians' Desk Reference 2008 Supplement APaperback978-1-56363-669-12008
Physicians' Desk Reference 2008 Supplement B   "978-1-56363-670-72008
Physicians' Desk Reference 2009   "978-1-56363-714-82009
Physicians' Desk Reference 2011Hardcover978-1-56363-780-32010
Physicians' Desk Reference 2011   "978-1-56363-781-02010
Physicians' Desk Reference 2013   "978-1-56363-813-82012
Physicians' Desk Reference 2013Paperback978-1-56363-814-52012
Physicians' Desk Reference 2014Hardcover978-1-56363-825-12013
Physicians' Desk Reference 2014Paperback978-1-56363-826-82013
Physicians Desk Reference Companion Guide 2005Hardcover978-1-56363-500-72004
Physicians Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supple Ments 2003   "978-1-56363-451-22003
Physicians Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements 2004   "978-1-56363-478-92004
Physicians' Desk Reference for Ophthalmic Medicines 2005   "978-1-56363-502-12004Pdr Physicians Desk Reference
Physicians' Desk Reference PDR Electronic Library 2008CD-ROM978-1-56363-666-02008
Physicians' Desk Reference: Supplement A 2001Hardcover978-1-56363-379-92001Medical Economics Staff
Physician's Desk Reference: Supplement ATaschenbuch978-1-56363-534-22006
Physicians' Desk Reference to Pharmaceutical Specialties and Biologicals: 1947: First EditionHardcover978-1-56363-801-52011
Red Book, 2008Paperback978-1-56363-671-42008
Red Book Update, 2008   "978-1-56363-682-02008
The ADA/PDR Guide to Dental Therapeutics   "978-1-56363-769-82009
The PDR Pocket Guide to Prescription Drugs   "978-1-56363-815-22013
Usp Desktop Series 2007CD-ROM978-1-56363-542-72005Micromedex

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