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Keeping a Horse the Natural Way: A natural approach to horse management for optimum health and performanceHardcover
978-0-7641-5411-92002Jo Bird
Keeping a Horse the Natural Way: A Natural Approach to Horse Management for Optimum Health and Performance   "
978-1-903098-43-12002   "
Natural Horse-Man-ShipBroché 978-2-84304-044-31999
Natural Horse-Man-ShipTaschenbuch
978-3-89118-093-81995Kathy Kadash
Natural Horse-Man-ShipPaperback
978-0-911647-27-31993Kathy Kadash · Karen Parelli
Natural Horsemanship in Haltung und PflegeGebunden
978-3-933228-48-22002Jo Bird
Natural Horse-Man-Ship: Six Keys to a Natural Horse-Human RelationshipPaperback
978-1-58574-712-22003Kathy Swan
Raise Your Hand if You Love Horses: Pat Parelli's Journey From Zero To Hero   "
978-0-911647-75-42005   "

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