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Cornish Carols from AustraliaPaperback978-0-907566-92-21984
Cornish OverseasHardcover978-1-899526-95-61999
Cornish Studies: v. 5Paperback978-0-85989-551-41997
Cornish Studies Volume 1: v. 1   "978-0-85989-413-51993Bernard W. Deacon · Edwin Jaggard · Keith H. Hyatt · Lyn Bryant · Mary Buck · Philip Payton
Cornish Studies: Volume 2:   "978-0-85989-454-81994
Cornish Studies: Volume 3   "978-0-85989-476-01995
Cornish Studies Volume 4: v. 4   "978-0-85989-523-11996Bernard W. Deacon · Amy Hale · Neil Kennedy · Alan M. Kent · Brian O. Murdoch · Philip Payton · Glanville Price
Cornish Studies Volume 6: v. 6   "978-0-85989-610-81998Professor Tony Champion · Bernard W. Deacon · Brian Elvins · Ron Elzey · Richard Gendall · Anthony P. Grant · Alan M. Kent
Cornish Studies Volume 7: v. 7   "978-0-85989-644-31999Catherine Brace · Brian Elvins · Michael Everson · Jim Hall · John Hurst · Patrick Laviolette · Jon Mills
Cornish Studies: Volume 8: v. 8   "978-0-85989-682-52000
Cornwall: A HistoryPaperback978-1-904880-00-42004
New Directions in Celtic Studies   "978-0-85989-587-32000Amy Hale
New Directions in Celtic StudiesHardcover978-0-85989-622-12000   "
Political Science: Onesearch with Research Navigator, 2005Paperback978-0-13-192288-42004
Story of H. M. S.FisgardHardcover978-0-907566-56-41983
The Cornish Farmer in Australia, or Australian Adventure: Cornish Colonists and the Expansion of Adelaide and the South Australian Agricultural Frontier   "978-1-85022-029-91987
The Cornish Miner in Australia: Cousin Jack Down Under   "978-0-907566-51-91984
The Making of Modern Cornwall: Historical Experience and the Persistence of Difference   "978-1-85022-064-01992
Tregantle and Scraesdon: Their Forts and RailwayPaperback978-1-85022-038-11988

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