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A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine978-0-566-08347-11998Feng Ye
A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine978-0-912111-54-41998Ye Feng
Chinese Medical Characters Volume 1 Basic Vocabulary978-0-912111-68-12003Zhaang Yeuhauan · Yuhuan Zhang
Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture978-0-912111-33-91991Andrew Ellis · Ken Boss
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine978-0-912111-52-01997Andy Ellis
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine978-0-912111-07-01986East Asian Medical Studies Society · Andy Ellis
Grasping the Wind: An Exploration Into the Meaning of Chinese Acupuncture Point Names978-0-912111-19-31989Andrew Ellis · Ken Boss
Pathomechanisms of the Heart978-0-912111-79-72006Zheng-Hua Li · Eric Brand · Yu Huan Zhang · Shi-lin Yan
Shang Han Lun: On Cold Damage, Translation & Commentaries978-0-912111-57-51998Zhongjing Zhang · Feng Ye · Craig Mitchell · Ye Feng

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