Nezih Başgelen

Nezih Bagelen · Nezih Basgelen / Gokhan Akcura · Nezih Basgelen Mehmet Ozdogan

Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayinlari · Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayınları

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Belkis/Zeugma . Halfeti . Rumkale: A Last Look at History978-975-6899-70-02000Nezih Basgelen · Rifat Ergec
Festschrift fur Jale Inan =: Jale Inan armagani978-975-7538-06-61989Nezih Basgelen
From Village to Cities: Early Villages in the Near East978-975-6561-42-32004Mehmet Özdogan · Harald Hauptmann
Monuments of Unaging Intellect978-975-7538-82-02000Robert Ousterhout
Myth to Modernity, Istanbul, Selected Themes978-975-6561-27-02002Brian Johnson
Nemrut: From the Air978-975-6899-72-42010Nezih Basgelen
Nemrut: Mountian of the Gods978-975-6899-33-51998NEZIH BASGELEN.
Neolithic in Turkey: The cradle of civilization: new discoveries978-975-6899-41-01999Nezih Basgelen
The Legacy of Gaziantep to World Culture978-975-6899-34-21999   "
The wall in Anatolia through the ages978-975-7538-58-51993
Zeugma from the air978-975-6899-73-12000


Nezih Basgelen / Gokhan Akcura