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From the Volturno to the Winter Line978-1-121-67537-71944
German Doctrine of the Stabilized Front978-1-78039-077-22011War Department
German Ski Training and Tactics978-1-78039-082-62011   "
German Winter Warfare978-1-78039-069-72011War Department General Staff
Japanese Defense Against Amphibious Operations978-1-78039-079-62011War Department
Japanese Mortars and Grenade Dischargers978-1-78039-080-22011   "
Papuan Campaign: The Buna-Sanananda Operation, 16 November 1942 - 23 January 1943978-1-78039-083-32010   "
The Airborne of Invasion Crete978-1-78039-065-92011War Department General Staff · Egypt Military Attache


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