Michael A. Schmidt Ph.D

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titleISBN-13year of publication
Beyond Antibiotics: 50 Ways to Boost Immunity and Avoid Antibiotics Second Edition978-1-55643-180-71994
Beyond Antibiotics: Strategies for Living in a World of Emerging Infections and Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria978-1-55643-777-92009
Brain-Building Nutrition: How Dietary Fats and Oils Affect Mental, Physical, and Emotional Intelligence978-1-58394-181-22006
Childhood Ear Infections: A Parent's Guide to Alternative Treatments978-1-55643-442-62004
Healing Childhood Ear Infections: Prevention, Home Care, and Alternative Treatment978-1-55643-216-31996
Tired of Being Tired: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue and Low Energy978-1-883319-16-81995

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