Margaret Biggs

titleISBN-13year of publication
Changes at Melling978-1-84745-077-72009
Head Girl of Melling978-1-904417-77-42005
Kate at Melling978-1-84745-035-72008
Last Term for Helen978-1-904417-64-42005
New Girl at Melling978-1-904417-97-22006
Summer Term at Melling978-1-84745-012-82007
Susan in the Sixth978-1-84745-022-72007
The Blakes Come to Melling978-1-904417-38-52004
The New Prefect at Melling978-1-904417-51-42004
The Two Families978-1-84745-091-32010

M B · Margaret Baacke · Margaret Bach · Margaret Basch · Margaret Bausch · Margarete Boos · Margarete Busch · Margarita Baz · Margrit Busch · Marguerite Beaugé · Marguérite Bos · Marjorie Bos

Margaret Bing