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Canonicity, Setting, Wisdom in the Deuterocanonicals: Papers of the Jubilee Meeting of the International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books978-3-11-036724-92014Géza G. Xeravits · Xavér Szabó
Deuterocanonical Additions of the Old Testament Books: Selected Studies978-3-11-024052-82010Géza G. Xeravits
From Qumran to Aleppo: A Discussion with Emanuel Tov about the Textual History of Jewish Scriptures in Honor of his 65th Birthday978-3-525-53094-82009Armin Lange · Matthias Weigold
The Book of Tobit: Text, Tradition, Theology: Papers of the First International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books, Papa, Hungary, 20-21 May ... Journal for the Study of Judaism, Vol. 98)978-90-04-14376-02005Géza G. Xeravits

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