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A Princess By Christmas: A Princess by Christmas / The Last-Chance Maverick978-0-263-91323-12014Christyne Butler
Fairytale Christmas: Mistletoe and the Lost Stiletto / Her Holiday Prince Charming / A Princess by Christmas978-0-263-93175-42017Liz Fielding · Christine Flynn
Her Festive Baby Bombshell: Her Festive Baby Bombshell / Building the Perfect Daddy978-0-263-92025-32016Brenda Harlen
Married For His Secret Heir: Married for His Secret Heir (Mirraccino Marriages, Book 2) / Falling for the Right Brother978-0-263-92306-32017Kerri Carpenter
Million-Dollar Maverick: Million-Dollar Maverick / The Return of the Rebel978-0-263-91299-92014Christine Rimmer
Safe In The Tycoon's Arms: Safe in the Tycoon's Arms / Aiming for the Cowboy978-0-263-91267-82014Mary Leo
Second Chance Proposal: A Man Without Mercy / Bring It On / Rancher to the Rescue978-0-263-92092-52016Miranda Lee · Kira Sinclair
Single Dad's Christmas Miracle: Single Dad's Christmas Miracle / Snowbound with the Soldier978-0-263-90148-12013Susan Meier
Snowbound With An Heiress: Snowbound with an Heiress / The Maverick's Snowbound Christmas978-0-263-92344-52017Karen Rose Smith
The Cattleman's Ready-Made Family: The Cattleman's Ready-Made Family / Rancher to the Rescue978-0-263-90132-02013Michelle Douglas
The Greek's Nine-Month Surprise978-0-263-91992-92016Cathy McDavid
The Greek's Ready-Made Wife978-0-263-91967-72016Karen Rose Smith
The Millionaire's Royal Rescue: The Millionaire's Royal Rescue (Mirraccino Marriages, Book 1) / Just a Little Bit Married978-0-263-92281-32017Teresa Southwick
The Rebel Returns978-0-263-92968-32017Michelle Douglas · Leah Ashton
The Tycoon And I978-0-263-92950-82017Kandy Shepherd · Barbara Wallace
Un bébé pour un cow-boy - Comment séduire l'homme idéal - Un patron pas comme les autres:978-2-280-33349-82015Jessica Hart · Myrna Mackenzie


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