James T. Farrell

titleISBN-13year of publication
Chicago Stories978-0-252-01981-41998
New Year's Eve/1929978-99954-865-6-31995
New Years Eve-1929978-0-912292-02-11979
Studs Lonigan978-0-252-06282-71993
Studs Lonigan: A Trilogy Comprising Young Lonigan, the Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan, and Judgement Day978-0-14-118673-32001
Studs Lonigan: Young Lonigan / The young manhood of Studs Lonigan / Judgment day978-1-931082-55-62004
Young Lonigan978-0-451-52913-82004
Young Lonigan978-0-14-218007-52003

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