Ian Miller

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A Christmas Carol
978-0-19-422752-01996Charles Dickens · Clare West · Jennifer Bassett
A History of Force Feeding: Hunger Strikes, Prisons and Medical Ethics, 1909–1974
A Modern History of the Stomach
Art Media
978-1-58324-009-01999Kay Ward · Kirsty McLean · Ward Kay Kay
Green Dog Trumpet and Other Stories 978-90-6332-551-01979
Medical History
Our Glory and Our Grief: Torontonians and the Great War
Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 3: A Christmas Carol Audio CD Pack: 1000 Headwords
978-0-19-479295-02007Clare West · Charles Dickens
Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 4: Treasure Island Audio CD Pack: 1400 Headwords
978-0-19-479330-82007John Escott · Robert Louis Stevenson
Philosopher Rex
978-1-872372-00-61989John Blanche
Stadt der Ratten
978-3-910079-93-91996James Herbert
The Art of Ian Miller
The Luck in the Head
978-1-878574-46-61993John Harrison
The Rock Triangle, Bury: The Archaeology of an Industrial Suburb
978-1-907686-01-62010Richard Gregory
Tolkien's World: A Colouring Book
Tolkien's World: A Fantasy Coloring Book
978-1-62686-555-62015Allan Curless · Mauro Mazzara

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Ian Miller and Chris Wild