Harry Combs

H. C. · Harry B. Combs

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At the Battle of the Little Big Horn Where Was Custer?Hardcover978-0-940053-03-81999
Brules   "978-0-385-31195-31994
Brules: A NovelPaperback978-0-440-21728-21995
HOW STRONG IS THE WIND with Harry CombsDVD-ROM978-0-940053-00-72000
Kill Devil Hill: Discovering the Secret of the Wright BrothersHardcover978-0-940053-01-41979
Kill Devil Hill: Discovering the Secrets of the Wright BrothersPaperback978-0-940053-02-11986Martin Caidin
Kill Devil Hill: The Epic of the Wright Brothers, 1900-1909Hardcover978-0-395-28216-81979
Legend of the Painted HorsePaperback978-0-440-21732-91997
Legend of the Painted HorseHardcover978-0-385-31201-11996
The Scout   "978-0-385-31198-41995
The Scout: A NovelPaperback978-0-440-21729-91996

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