Haim Mendelson

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Hedge Funds 978-1-933019-17-82005Vikas Agarwal · Narayan Y. Naik
Liquidity and Asset Prices 978-1-933019-12-32005Yakov Amihud · Lasse Heje Pederson
Market Liquidity: Asset Pricing, Risk, and Crises 978-0-521-19176-02012Yakov Amihud · Lasse Heje Pedersen
Organisations-Intelligenz IQ: Innovatives Informationsmanagement für das 21. Jahrhundert
Survival of the Smartest: Managing Information for Rapid Action and World-Class Performance 978-0-471-29560-01999Johannes Ziegler

H. M. · Haim Mendelson , Lasse Heje Pedersen Yakov Amihud · Hana Mandlikova · Hanna Mandel · Hanna Mandl

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