Frank Hardy

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But the Dead are Many 978-0-370-10570-31975
Hardy's People 978-0-947087-00-51986
Legends from Benson's Valley 978-0-14-007504-51984
Power Without Glory 978-0-09-184206-22000
Retreat Australia Fair # 978-0-09-182670-31990
The Dead Are Many - A Novel in Fugue Form 978-0-9590486-3-61986
The Four Legged Lottery 978-0-00-614501-11977
The Hard Way - The Story Behind Power Without Glory 978-0-00-614471-71976
The Obsession of Oscar Oswald 978-0-9592104-0-81988
The Unlucky Australians 978-0-7260-0012-61972
Vaadin: Der kompakte Einstieg für Java-Entwickler
978-3-86490-206-22014Joachim Baumann · Daniel Arndt · Frank Engelen · Carsten Mjartan
You Nearly Had Him That Time 978-0-09-133680-61978Fred Trueman

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