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ALONE BY NIGHT: Sweets to the Sweet; The Strange Children; The Likeness of Julie; It Will Come to You; A Gnome There Was; Nightmare at Twenty Thousand Feet; In the Midst of Death; Gabriel-Ernest; Baynter's Imp; Enoch; For the Blood is the Life
978-3-450-03563-11961Michael · Congdon, Don (editors) (Robert Bloch · Elisabeth Sanxay Holding · Logan Swanson · Henry Kuttner · Richard Matheson · Ben Hecht · Saki · August Derleth · F. Marion Crawford) Congdon
Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Dreamer on the Nightside
In Mayan Splendor
New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
978-0-87054-085-11980Stephen King · A. A. Attanasio · Brian Lumley · Basil Copper · T. E. D. Klein · H. P. Lovecraft · David Drake
Planet Stories - Wtr/41: Adventure House Presents:
978-1-59798-310-52010Nelson S. Bond · Sam Moskowitz · Alan Connell · Ray Cummings · Basil Wells · James Norman · Henry Hasse
The Galaxy Raiders/Space Station #1: Double Novel #1
978-1-61287-000-72010William P. McGivern
The Horror From The Hills
The Horror from the Hills 978-99975-396-9-41963
The Hounds of Tindalos 978-99975-397-0-01975
The Man Who Died Twice
THE SPAWN OF CTHULHU - Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series: The Whisperer in Darkness; An Inhabitant of Carcosa; The Yellow Sign; Cordelia's Song; The Return of Hastur; Litany to Hastur; The Children of the Night; K'n-yan; The Tale of Satamprea Zeiros
978-0-345-02394-01971Lin (editor) (H. P. Lovecraft · Robert E. Howard · Walter C. DeBill Jr. · Clark Ashton Smith · Zelia Bishop · Ambrose Bierce · Robert W. Chambers · Vincent Starrett · August Derleth · Ramsey Campbell) Carter
Woman From Another Planet & Homecalling
978-1-61287-125-72013Judith Merril

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