Elizabeth Dunn

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Happy Money: So verwandeln Sie Geld in GlückTaschenbuch
978-3-86470-204-42014Michael Norton
Happy Money: The New Science of Smarter SpendingPaperback 978-1-78074-337-02014   "
Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending   " 978-1-4516-6507-92014   "
Happy Money: The Science of Smarter SpendingHardcover 978-1-4516-6506-22013   "
No Path Home: Humanitarian Camps and the Grief of Displacement   " 978-1-5017-0966-12018
No Path Home: Humanitarian Camps and the Grief of DisplacementPaperback 978-1-5017-1230-22018
Travelling Facts: The Social Construction, Distribution, and Accumulation of KnowledgeTaschenbuch
978-3-593-37507-62004Caroline Baillie · Yi Zheng · Wolf Lepenies
Uncertain TransitionHardcover 978-0-8476-9042-81999Andrew Lass · Caroline Humphrey · Gerald Creed The CUNY Graduate Center · Katherine Verdery · Michael Burawoy · Sarah Ashwin

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