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Beyond the Status Quo: Policy Proposals for AmericaPaperback978-0-932790-49-11985
Cato Handbook for Congress, 107th Congress   "978-1-930865-00-62001Edward H. Crane
Cato Handbook for Congress, 108th Congress   "978-1-930865-39-62003   "
Cato Handbook for Policymakers, 7th Edition   "978-1-933995-91-52009
Cato Handbook on Policy, 2005   "978-1-930865-68-62005Edward H. Crane
Libertarianism: A Primer   "978-0-684-84768-91998
Libertarianism: A PrimerHardcover978-0-684-83198-51997
The LIBERTARIAN READER: Classic & Contemporary Writings from Lao-Tzu to Milton FriedmanHardcover978-0-684-83200-51997
The Libertarian Reader: Classic and Contemporary Writings from Lao Tzu to Milton FriedmanPaperback978-0-684-84767-21998
The Politics of Freedom: Taking on The Left, The Right and Threats to Our LibertiesHardcover978-1-933995-14-42008
Toward Liberty: The Idea That Is Changing the WorldPaperback978-1-930865-26-62002
Toward Liberty: The Idea That Is Changing the WorldHardcover978-1-930865-27-32002

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