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andere Autoren
Food Aid After Fifty Years: Recasting its RoleHardcover
978-0-415-70124-22005Christopher B. Barrett
Food Aid After Fifty Years: Recasting its RolePaperback
978-0-415-70125-92005  "
Interlinguistics. Aspects of the Science of Planned LanguagesGebunden 978-3-11-011910-71989Klaus Schubert
Metataxis in Practice: Dependency Syntax for Multilingual Machine TranslationTaschenbuch 978-3-11-188199-72012  "
New Directions in Machine Translation: Conference Proceedings, Budapest, Hungary, August 18-19, 1988  " 978-3-11-013097-31988Klaus Schubert · Toon Witkam


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