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Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager Mini-Vans, 1984 thru 93 978-1-56392-080-61993
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Ford & Mercury Sub-compacts Tune-up and Maintenance Guide 978-1-85010-103-11984John H. Haynes
Ford and Mercury Compacts: Tune-Up and Maintanence Guide 978-1-85010-104-81984   "
Harley Davidson Big Twins Owners Workshop Manual 1970 - 1997 1200cc , 1340cc 978-1-56392-305-01997
Harley-Davidson Glides 1970-90 Owner's Workshop Manual 978-1-85010-605-01990etc.
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978-3-7688-5226-52005Tom Schauwecker · Penny Cox · Mike Stubblefield · Alan Ahlstrand
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Yamaha XZ550 Vision V-twins Owner's Workshop Manual 978-1-85010-761-31988   "

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Curt Choate, J.H. Haynes Larry Warren