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After the ApplausePaperback978-0-7710-4227-01990Gordie Howe
After the ApplauseHardcover978-0-7710-4228-71989   "
A Grammar of the Sanskrit LanguagePaperback978-1-108-03026-72011
High on the Big Stone Heart: And Further Adventures in the Boreal HeartlandPaperback978-1-55002-865-22009
In the Land of Long Fingernails   "978-1-55365-843-62011
In the Land of Long FingernailsHardcover978-0-670-06555-42008
In the Land of Long Fingernails: A Gravedigger in the Age of Aquarius   "978-1-60239-709-52009
Old Mrs. Schmatterbung & Friend   "978-0-7710-8839-11989Gad
Paddle to the Amazon   "978-0-914629-91-71989Don Starkell
Pocket Handbook of Mass Spectrometry Instrumental Techniques for Analytical ChemistryPaperback978-0-13-149220-22001
Tales and Sketches of Wales: -1879   "978-1-112-30776-82009
The Circus at the Edge of the Earth: Travels with the Great Wallenda Circus   "978-0-7710-8842-11999
The Circus at the Edge of the Earth: Travels with the Great Wallenda CircusHardcover978-0-7710-8847-61998
The History of the Iron, Steel, Tinplate and Other Trades of WalesPaperback978-1-108-02693-22011
The History of the Literature of Wales, From the Year 1300 to the Year 1650:   "978-1-112-07130-02009

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